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MBA - General Accounting


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Accounting provides a comprehensive study of accounting and business for students who have completed either:

  1. Non-accounting undergraduate programs in business
  2. Undergraduate programs in arts or science.
The program will be offered at the New Rochelle campus.

Students begin their graduate accounting studies by completing the MBA core course in financial accounting and reporting. The courses within the major include managerial accounting theory and practice, accounting standards and controls, accounting for nonbusiness organizations and federal income taxation. Students may use the required breadth electives to complete additional course work in accounting-related areas such as finance or information systems.



The MBA in General Accounting includes the study of various business disciplines combined with an emphasis in accounting that is appropriate for a wide variety of administrative, managerial, financial and operational positions in many different kinds organizations. Students may be currently working in or anticipate starting a career in a small or large business, a unit of federal, state or local government or a nonprofit organization.

Plan of Study

MBA Core Courses: 24 credits

Key and Capstone : 6 credits 
MBA 500 and MBA 710

Required Accounting Courses: 12 credits 
ACC 615 Managerial Accounting Theory and Practice
ACC 620 Accounting Standards and Controls
ACC 625 Accounting for Non-Business Organizations
ACC 630 Federal Income Taxation

Breadth courses: 15 credits 
Choose five advanced courses (no more than 2 courses may be in any one area).

Total: 57 credits