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MBA - Public Accounting


The MBA in Public Accounting has the following educational and career objectives:

  1. To qualify accounting undergraduates for CPA Exam candidacy in New York State in accordance with the 150-credit hour requirement;
  2. Provide graduates with the broad academic exposure and preparation necessary to function as independent auditors;
  3. Provide graduates with subject preparation which includes exposure to the operations of multinational enterprises and world economies;
  4. Develop in graduates the ethical and behavioral awareness appropriate for practice as a professional accountant; and
  5. Provide graduates with the competencies and knowledge needed for success on the CPA Exam.
Graduates of accounting programs from other institutions or graduates of non-accounting or non-business degree programs who apply for admission to the MBA program may be required to complete additional undergraduate and/or graduate courses to satisfy MBA course prerequisites and other requirements of the 150-credit licensure-qualifying program.

Graduates of licensure-qualifying programs in accounting need one year of professional experience for certification.

Plan of Study

MBA Core Courses: 24 credits

Key and Capstone : 6 credits 
MBA 500 and MBA 710

Required Accounting Courses: 12 credits 
ACC 650 Special Topics in Accounting
ACC 655 Research in Financial Accounting
ACC 660 Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice
ACC 665 Professional Ethics and Fraud Examination

Breadth courses: 15 credits 
FIN 620 International Financial Management
IDT 621 Computer-Based Statistical Decision Making
3 other courses

Total: 57 credits