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Jason Heavilin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Texas (El Paso)

Dr. Jason Heavilin completed his Ph.D. at the University of Texas (El Paso). He has taught undergraduate and MBA courses that include Managerial Finance, Investments, Analysis of Derivatives, Firm Analysis and Valuation, Portfolio Analysis, Business Finance, Principles of Economics and Business Statistics.

His research interests include the market reaction to stock distributions, the market reaction to abnormal expenditures on research and development, and the market reaction to debt levels based on bankruptcy risk. Additional research interests include the stock price and minimum quote (ticks) relationship along with its impact on returns and volatility which in turn affect option pricing.

Dr. Heavilin is a United States Army veteran where he served in Missouri, Georgia, Haiti, California, Germany and Texas. He also served as a civilian under the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Iraq Survey Group. His business experience include trading, contracting and consulting spanning Asian regions such as Qatar, Dubai, Philippines, and Hong Kong, and North American regions that include United States and Mexico.