Financial Management Certificate

The Financial Management Post-Master's Certificate will prepare Professionals of any function or discipline with the wherewithal to either move cross-functionally to Financial Function positions in their respective industry or profession or to enhance their performance in their current roles.

Five (5) courses, 15 credits are required. The PMC is only open to students who possess a graduate degree.

Five courses (15 credits) chosen from the following:

Required Courses: two (6 credits)

unless previously taken as part of another graduate degree, in which case substitutions will be made
  • FIN 610 Operation of the Financial System
  • FIN 675 Corporate Financial Strategy

Elective Courses: choose three (9 credits)

  • FIN 611: Quantitative Tools for Finance
  • FIN 619: E-Finance
  • FIN 620: International Financial Management
  • FIN 625: Financial Futures, Options and Swaps
  • FIN 627: Project Finance
  • FIN 630: Financial Models
  • FIN 635: Managerial Finance
  • FIN 638: Management Issues in the Financial Services Industry
  • FIN 640: Investment Analysis
  • FIN 644: Short Term Financial Management
  • FIN 650: Portfolio Management (requires FIN 640 prerequisite)
  • FIN 651: Sports and Entertainment Finance
  • FIN 661: Commodity Markets
  • FIN 670: Global Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 671: Health Care Finance
  • ECO 605: Econometrics

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