MBA Financial Management Concentration

This concentration focuses on two main areas: corporate financial management and financial markets.

The objectives of the program are threefold: to acquaint students with the process of financial decision-making, to provide a theoretical base from which students may examine real-world situations, and to discuss and provide solutions to cases and problems in financial decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty.

Students concentrating in financial management must complete two required finance courses, FIN 610 and FIN 675, and two finance electives. It is highly recommended that FIN 610 be taken prior to or concurrent with any other finance course.

The electives may be chosen from the following diversified list of specialized courses:

  • International Financial Management (FIN 620);
  • Financial Futures, Options, and Swaps (FIN 625);
  • Financial Models (FIN 630);
  • Managerial Finance (FIN 635);
  • Investment Analysis (FIN 640);
  • Essentials of Cash Management (FIN 644);
  • Portfolio Management (FIN 650);Global Financial Markets and Institutions (FIN 670); and
  • Special Topics in Finance (FIN 690).

The department strongly recommends International Economics (ECO 610), Current Economic Issues (ECO 625) and Analytics of Strategic Corporate Planning (IDT 626) as part of the 5-course breadth requirement.

This program is available at both New Rochelle and Rockland campuses.

Plan of Study

MBA Core Courses: 24 credits

Required FIN courses: 12 credits

  • FIN 610 (Operation of the Financial System), FIN 675 (Corporate Financial Strategy), and
  • two other FIN courses.

Breadth courses (non-core, non-finance): 15 credits 
Choose five advanced courses (no more than two courses may be in any one area) and
Two required courses: MBA 500 (Business Perspectives) and MBA 710 (Strategic Management).

Total: 57 credits