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Graduate Learning Goals

Maintaining high Ethical standards in business practices (Goal 1)

  • Analyze ethical issues in business
  • Formulate ethically defensible resolutions

Utilizing Critical Thinking in making business decisions (Goal 2)

  • Provides Supporting Arguments
  • Integrates Discipline-Specific Information
  • Reaches Logical Conclusions

Developing Communication Skills (Goal 3)

  • Oral Communication
    • Content
      • Relevance and/or Currency of Content
      • Effectiveness of Slide Content
      • Strength of Conclusion
      • Ability to Answer Questions (if applicable)
    • Delivery
      • Appropriateness of Body Language, Gesture
      • Eye Contact/Rapport with Audience
      • Professionalism of Attire
  • Written Communication
    • Uses Appropriate Writing Style
    • Writes Concisely
    • Cites Sources Correctly

Employing Technology in business applications (Goal 4)

  • Visual Quality of Power Point Slides
  • Facility with use of Access Database Software
  • Knowledge of Computers/Networks in Business

Understanding of the Global Perspective in the business (Goal 5)

  • Application of Global Analysis to Management Situations
  • Analyze Global Issues in Business Using Examples

Business Core (Goal 6)

  • The MBA core encompasses courses that are designed to provide the student with greater knowledge of the basic functions required to manage a corporation within the broader context of the business environment. The graduate student is expected to have more knowledge than the undergraduate student and this is reflected in the topics and questions evaluated.

Major Disciplines (Goal 7)

  • The major disciplines increased the student's knowledge of one functional area. To assess the knowledge attained by the student in the major, set of embedded questions are developed. The major courses reflect more in-depth questions at the MBA level.