MBA - Information Systems Concentration

The program in Information Systems recognizes information as a valuable resource which, when properly managed by organizations, can provide a definite advantage to them. Accordingly, the principal objective of the IS program is to develop the skills necessary to analyze, to design and to evaluate an organization's information and decision systems.

The program is structured to allow students maximum choice possibilities within the 12-credit requirement. To assist in the selection of courses, the following four thematic tracks may be used as guidelines:

  • Applications Systems Development;
  • Network Management;
  • Decision Technology Management; and
  • Information Technology Management

Since the courses in the IS area are offered on a periodic basis the student can tailor the required courses to his/her particular needs. It is expected that the creative student will be able to supplement previous study and/ or work experience in order to create a customized program which meets his/her unique educational and professional needs.

This program is offered at both New Rochelle and Rockland campuses.

Plan of study

MBA Core Courses: 24 credits

  • Required IS courses: 12 credits
  • Choose four IS courses.

Breadth courses (non-core, non-IS): 15 credits

  • Choose five advanced courses (no more than 2 courses may be in any one area) and
  • Two required courses: MBA 500 (Business Perspectives) and MBA 710 (Strategic Management)

Total: 57 credits