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MS in Project Management

Project managers are change agents who make project goals their own. They use their skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team. They thrive on new challenges and the responsibility of driving business results. Project management is designed to provide today’s project managers with the tools to balance the complexities of modern project management. These include identifying business value, risk, quality, safety, cost, finance and technology.  This MS degree will prepare professionals with the skills to plan, to execute and to manage projects of any type or size in any industry. The MS will also prepare students for the certificate examination as a project management professional of the Project Management Institute (PMP Certificate).

Most students with a business background can complete the degree by taking 10 courses.

New curriculum effective Fall 2018!

MS in Project Management: 30 required credits

Required Courses (4 courses: 12 credits)
BUS 605 Introduction to Project Management
BUS 606 Advanced Project Management
IS 622 Risk Management Decision Technology
FIN 627 Project Finance

Electives (6 courses: 18 credits) – select from these options:
ACC 608 Cost Accounting
BUS 696 Risk, Disaster and Business Continuity Management
IS 610 Systems Analysis and Design
IS 611 Virtual Teams and Virtual Organizations
IS 621 Computer-Based Statistical Decision Making
IS 628 Total Quality Management
IS 640 Mobile Applications Development
IS 685 Data Mining
MNG 615 International Business Management
MNG 623 Business Crisis Leadership
MNG 627 Management Considerations in Infrastructure Development, Maintenance and Improvement
MNG 635 Knowledge Management
MNG 640  Management of Innovation and Change