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Undergraduate Learning Goals

Applying and maintaining high Ethical standards in business (Goal 1)

  • Recognize ethical issues in business
  • Apply ethics-based principles

Utilizing Critical Thinking in making business decisions (Goal 2)

  • Builds Case Clearly and Persuasively
  • Calls upon Appropriate Facts
  • Reaches Logical Conclusions

Developing Communication Skills (Goal 3)

  • Oral Communication
    • Content
      • Opening Statement with Purpose
      • Logical Development of Ideas
      • Strength of Conclusion
    • Delivery
      • Voice Quality
      • Pace
  • Written Communication
    • Clearly identifies the Issue or Position in Topic State
    • Expresses Ideas Clearly
    • Cites Sources Correctly

Employing Technology in business applications (Goal 4)

  • Facility with Integrating Media/Power Point into Presentation
  • Facility with Internet Searching
  • Facility with use of Excel Spreadsheets

Understanding of Global Perspectives in the business environment (Goal 5)

  • Identify Global Factors (Economic, Cultural, Legal, Demographic, etc.)
Business Core (Goal 6)
  • The business core encompasses the BUS courses that are designed to provide the student with knowledge of the basic functions required to operate a company. After completing the core, a student has a broad, integrative picture of business. An assessment of the knowledge retained by the student in these courses is the focus of Goal 6.

Major Disciplines (Goal 7)

  • The undergraduate major disciplines focus on courses that are designed to provide the student with increased knowledge of one functional area. After completing their major, an assessment of the knowledge attained by the student in these courses is the focus of Goal 7.

Business Simulation (Goals 6 and 7)

  • The next direct assessment of a Hagan BBA student's business knowledge provides an overview of the business programs using a simulation given in the capstone courses. This measures the student's ability to integrate the core and major courses and apply them in a business environment. The areas monitored in this simulation include Leadership Skills, Collaboration & Teamwork, Financial Analysis Skills, Financial Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, and Strategic Analysis & Planning. If a weakness is identified in one for these general areas, the embedded questions in the core and/or major will be used to focus on the specific topic that needs remediation.