Long Term Care Services Management Certificate

The goal of the Long Term Care Management Certificate program is to prepare students for careers in the development, maintenance and management of long term care facilities and to create expertise in working to anticipate the needs of an aging population. This certificate is designed to prepare graduates for licensure in New York State as Nursing Home Administrators.

Required Courses

  • FIN 671* Health Care Finance
  • HCM 654* The Continuum of Long-Term Care Services
  • HCM 655* Management of Long-Term Care Services

Electives - Select two:

  • BLW 618* Health Care Law
  • HCM 651 Health Industry Analysis
  • HRM 638* Human Resources Management in Health Care Organizations
  • IS 628 Total Quality Management
  • MKT 638 Health Care Marketing and Planning

* = required by NY State for Nursing Home Administrator licensure

Students who wish to simultaneously complete the Certificate program within the MBA program can do so by integrating 15 credits (five courses) of Health Care and allied courses within their concentration and the breadth area.

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