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Fredrica Rudell, Ph.D.

Fredrica RudellAssociate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia University

Phone: (914) 637-2748

Professor Rudell has taught at Iona since 1982, and served as chair of the Marketing and International Business Department from 1996-2016. She teaches Marketing Principles, Consumer Behavior, and Global Green Marketing courses in the School of Business. Her research interests include consumer adoption of green products and behaviors, consumer attitudes toward sweatshop labor, consumer information processing, and gender differences in consumer behavior. Prof. Rudell is heavily involved in campus greening. She chairs the Environmental Concerns Committee of the Peace and Justice Education Program at Iona and serves as liaison to the Environmental Consortium of Colleges and Universities. She also blogs about sustainable consumption at

Selected Publications


Consumer Food Selection and Nutrition Information. New York: Praeger Publishers, l979.

Selected Journal Articles and Proceedings

“Factors that predict taking restaurant leftovers: Strategies for reducing food waste,” (with Eric Hamerman and Chrissy Martins). Journal of Consumer Behaviour (in press).

“A Green Marketing Course for Business Undergraduates,” Journal of Case Studies in Education, Vol I. Posted online July 2010: Print edition: Journal of Case Studies in Education, Vol. 1, Jan. 2011, pp. 63-70.

“Shopping with a Social Conscience: Consumer Attitudes Toward Sweatshop Labor,” Clothing and Textile Research Journal, Special Issue on Social Responsibility, Vol. 24, No. 4, October 2006, pp. 282-296.

“Internationalizing the Business Curriculum: A Perspective of a Small College,” (with Anand Shetty) Journal of Education for Business (November/December 2002), Vol. 78, No. 2, pp. 103-110.

“Rationale, Benefits, and Methods of Service-Learning in Marketing Education,” (with Deborah Easterling), Journal of Education for Business Sept/Oct 1997, pp. 58-61.

“Boys’ Toys and Girls’ Tools?: An Exploration of Gender Differences in Consumer Decision-Making for High Tech Products,” in Janeen Arnold Costa, ed., Gender and Consumer Behavior, Proceedings of the First Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah: University of Utah Printing Service, l99l, pp. l87-l98.

Online Articles

“Want to Nudge Consumers to Waste Less? Make It Easy, Fun and Popular,”, July 23, 2013

Contributor to  Sustainable Consumption website:
“How To Make it Easy, Fun to be Less Wasteful At Home” (July 2013)
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“Deep Meaning of Possessions: A Love Story” (February 2013)
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“Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli…and the Bread Basket” (October 2012)
“Taming a Wasteful Spouse” (August 2012)

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