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MBA Marketing Concentration


Marketing is the interface between business and society. The department views graduate marketing education as an experience through which students may acquire an understanding of the roles marketing plays in business and the effects marketing decisions have on business, individuals and society.

The department has identified the following as its primary objectives: to expose students to the current state of marketing, including its global dimension; to relate marketing theory and practice and to evaluate the societal consequences of marketing practice; to encourage students to think conceptually, critically, analytically and creatively; to develop students' proficiency in effective marketing decision-making; to foster computer literacy by integrating computer usage into marketing decision-making.

Accordingly, the objective of the concentration in Marketing is to make students marketing literate by offering courses which represent the current state of the art. These courses are intended to challenge and stimulate students' thought and decision-making processes, and to contribute to their becoming successful marketing decision-makers and business executives.

This program is available at both New Rochelle and Rockland campuses.

Plan of study

MBA Core Courses: 24 credits

Required MKT courses: 12 credits 
MKT 610 (Marketing Research),
MKT 615 (Consumer Behavior),
and two other MKT courses.

Breadth courses (non-core, non-MKT): 15 credits 
Choose five advanced courses (no more than 2 courses may be in any one area) and
Two required courses: MBA 500 (Business Perspectives) and MBA 710 (Strategic Management).

Total: 57 credits