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Fast Track MBA

Geared toward people who want to gain an edge in their chosen field, the Fast Track MBA shaves 10 months off the length of traditional MBA programs by offering courses in a sequence that guarantees a speedy graduation. Professor of Strategic, Quality and Operations Management Charles Cante, Ph.D., explained, in today's financially focused world every professional needs to have business knowledge in order to remain competitive and prosper. Whether it's the new medical doctor, dentist, lawyer or psychologist trying to build a successful practice or the scientist or engineer who wants to position their discovery or an educator who wants to become an administrator, the MBA degree is an essential and positive driving force towards these ends.

  • By earning our Fast Track MBA, in as little as 13 to 15 months, you’ll gain valuable knowledge to help build a dynamic career in whatever field you choose.
  • This program is open to all college graduates - regardless of undergraduate major. The Fast Track program is especially designed for non-business students who want a business background prior to entering graduate or professional school, and for professional school graduates who would like an MBA before starting a residency.
  • Iona’s Fast Track MBA is comprised of 57 credits encompassing the various disciplines of business. Up to 24 of those credits can be waived based on prior educational experience
  • Courses may be offered in an online, distance-learning format, in a traditional classroom setting, or in hybrid format, that utilizes both online and in-person class meetings.
  • Students begin their study during first summer term and complete the program after the second summer term the following year
  • Our Fast Track students are grouped as a cohort, moving through the program together to help build relationships for study, as well as networking opportunities.
  • Iona offers a strong network of advisers who help our students in all areas – from choosing a specialization to support services that ensure uncomplicated registration.