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MBA Core Courses

The MBA curriculum is designed to provide a broad, integrative approach to business. The core includes: financial reporting, analysis and markets; domestic and global economic environment; creation and distribution of goods and services; and human behavior in organizations. The core courses lay the groundwork for courses in the field of concentration and related advanced courses. Business perspectives include ethical and global issues; the influence of political, social, legal and regulatory, environmental and technological issues; and the impact of demographic diversity on organizations.

A student may have from 12 to 18 credits waived, though in cases of exceptional undergraduate preparation and previous graduate work, as many as 24 credits may be waived.

  • MBA 510 - Quantitative Tools for Management
  • MBA 520 - Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • MBA 530 - Economics for Management
  • MBA 540 - Operations Management
  • MBA 550 - Finance for Managers
  • MBA 560 - Marketing Management
  • MBA 570 - Management and Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 580 - Information Systems

Total MBA Core Courses before waivers: 24 credits