The Speakers' Center

The Speakers' Center is located at 18 President Street in the Speech Communication Department where it offers a multitude of student and community services. Students and community members have the opportunity utilize this relaxed environment to work on speaking concerns including regional dialects, fear of public speaking, speech assignments, accent reduction and more.

Services Provided

  • Regional dialect screenings and education
  • Accent screenings and education
  • Communication apprehension screening and workshops
  • Public speaking rehearsals
  • Actor/Actress rehearsals
  • Business and professional speaking coaching
  • Vocal coaching
  • Faculty workshops
  • Professional Speakers Series (sponsored in part by the Axe Houghton Foundation)
  • Accent reduction
  • Community workshops

The Speakers' Center is important to the students in the Speech Communication Department's majors, as well as freshmen taking SCS 101, because it provides a place for students to explore and practice their unique communication styles.

The Center also provides consulting and communication services to the local community. Workshops and specialized communication-focused programs can be customized in order to facilitate the participants' goal of becoming stronger and more effective communicators.


The Center is located at 18 President Street, adjacent to the Main Campus.


Phone: (914) 633-2053
Mail: 715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801-1095
Fax: (914) 633-2393

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