Many students come into college with an idea of what academic path they would like to purse. Taking a mix of core courses and a class or two in your area of interest is a good way to explore that area further. Please see the suggested areas in the core and more specific programs below.

Follow this link for specific major information.

  • Business

    Students thinking about majoring in the School of Business must all take BUS 100 and COL 150 in their first term. Students may also consider taking MTH 134 and CS 140, in addition to other selections from the College Core. Majors offered in the School of Business include: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, Information Systems, Marketing, International Business.

    There are six sections of BUS 100 paired with COL 150 in learning communities.

  • Computer Science

    Recommendations for Selecting First Semester Courses for a Computer Science Major

    The typical fall schedule would include CS 201 Computer Science I and MTH 231 Calculus I.

    1. To take CS 201, a student should have a minimum of a B average in high school mathematics courses and a minimum of 540 math and 500 verbal SAT or ACT equivalents.  If a student does not meet these requirements, it is recommended that the student take one of the other Computer Science core courses:
      • a. CS 140 Computers, Technology and Society
      • b. CS 142 Website Design
      • c. CS 144 Introduction to Game Development
      • d. CS 146 Introduction to Robotics.
    2. To take MTH 231, the student should consult the recommendations of the Mathematics Department.

    AP Computer Science:

    1. If a student scores a 3 on the AP Computer Science test, the student should take CS 202 Computer Science II in the fall semester.
    2. If a student scores a 4 or 5 on the AP Computer Science test, the student should take CS 301 Data Structures and Algorithms.  Student should contact the chair to discuss the appropriate math course.

    For further information, please contact the chair, Dr. Frances Bailie, at

  • Education

    Students seeking to major in any area of Childhood or Adolescent Education may select all courses from the available College Core offerings. Freshmen are encouraged to earn excellent grades in their Core Courses, as application may be made to the Education Department only after the completion of the Freshmen year. For those who hope to teach an Adolescent subject should plan to take courses in that subject, i.e., English, history, math, and the sciences.
  • Math

    MTH 123 Mathematical Thinking
    MTH 124 Interpreting Information
    MTH 125 Demystifying Numbers
    MTH 231 Calculus

    See more information on math, placement and courses.
  • Other Professions/Majors

    There are a variety of majors that prepare students for professions, and for advanced degree programs. You will find more specific information on the departmental pages for these majors, some of which are noted below.  We have also noted the introductory courses for these areas for your consideration:

    Criminal Justice – Students may select CRJ 205 in addition to other courses from the College Core.

    Mass Communication – Students may select any MCO 200 level course: 200, 213, 225, 275, in addition to other courses from the College Core.

    Speech Language Pathology and Audiology – Students interested in this major must all take SCS 101 in addition to other courses from the College Core.

    Social Work – Students interested in this major may select SOW 2210 in addition to other courses from the College Core.