First Semester Course Selection

In your first semester, it is recommended that you begin to take some of the College Core courses and potentially a major course. If you are interested in business, computer science, math, or the natural sciences, please be sure to consult the link about programs and course sequencing.

All students must complete a Columba Cornerstone Course. New freshmen must complete the Columba Cornerstone in their first semester. The Columba Cornerstone is an interdisciplinary first-year seminar that introduces students to time-honored questions in the liberal arts through the themes of Truth, Justice and Earth.

The GAEL Hour is the fourth credit hour of the Columba Cornerstone and helps students to engage with all the resources of Iona College. An “Iona Life” curriculum includes the following learning modules: informational and digital literacies; understanding multicultural diversity; the Iona College story; eportfolio; entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

The Columba Cornerstone is “linked” with another course (and instructor) to form a Learning Community. As a Learning Community, the course instructors work in collaboration to foster an environment of integrated learning for the shared group of students who travel together between the two courses.
The course designation in People Soft is COL 150.

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