• English Composition

    3 credits

    ENG 120 or ENG 122 satisfy this core course requirement. Students must place into ENG 120 according to their SAT verbal scores. If you do not meet the requirement for the SAT verbal score for ENG 120, please enroll in ENG 110. Upon the successful completion of that course, you will then be able to enroll in ENG 120.

    Placement Information for English Composition
    SAT Writing SAT Totals Placements
    550 1200 and above ENG 120
    400 800 and below ENG 110
  • Humanities (English, Fine and Performing Arts, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies)

    15 credits/1 course per department

    ENG 212 Self and Society
    ENG 213 Transformations
    ENG 214 New Worlds

    FPA 200 Art Appreciation
    FPA 202 Music Appreciation
    FPA 203 Drawing and Painting I
    FPA 205 Introduction to the Theatre
    FPA 211 Introduction to Sculpture
    FPA 212 Art History: Prehistoric Era to the Middle Ages
    FPA 220 Dance Appreciation
    FPA 225 Theatre History: The Ancient Greek Theatre to the Renaissance
    FPA 235 Music in Film and Video
    FPA 237 Music in World Culture
    FPA 238 Music History: Medieval Through Baroque
    FPA 240 Introduction to World Dance Forms
    FPA 245 Introduction to Choreography
    FPA 246 Digital Photography and Imaging Manipulation
    FPA 250 Modern Dance I

    HST 101 Evolution of Western Civilization (New Core sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M only)
    HST 319 America's Recent Past
    HST 337 The Immigrant Experience
    HST 345 The History of Violence
    HST 385 The Modern Middle East: From the Rise of the Nation States to ISIS
    HST 392 Japan: From Ancient Myth to Constitutional Monarchy
    HST 410 Seminar on Modern Warfare
    HST 491 The American Revolution

    PHL 210 Action and Character: An Intro to Moral Philosophy (New Core sections F, G, H, I, J, K only. Note: Freshmen and other new Core students cannot take sections A-E)
    PHL 215 Matters of Life and Death
    PHL 216 Freedom and Morality

    RST 208 Ethics and Morality (New Core sections A & B only)
    RST 209 Peace and Social Justice (New Core sections A-F)
    RST 213 Rreligion and the Natural World (New Core sections A & B)
    RST 215 Islam: History, Belief, and Practice (New Core sections A-D)
    RST 317 Religions in America (New Core sections A & B)
    RST 341 Story of the Universe: Foundational Cosmology and Earth History (Sections A & B)

  • Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology)

    6 credits, any two courses

    ECO 100
    ECO 201 (New Core sections C, D, E, F only)
    ECO 202 (New Core section A only
    POL 201 American Government I (Sections A & B only)
    POL 203 Introduction to Global Politics (Section A only)
    PSY 201 General Psychology I (New Core sections A, B, C, D, F, G, H, L, M only)
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (New Core sections B & G only)

  • Science, Math, and Computer Science

    Students should enroll in a math course, introductory science course, or introductory computer science course.

    See more information on biology, chemistry, and placement courses.
    BIO 101 General Biology I
    BIO 108 Body Structure and Function
    BIO 111 Infectious Diseases
    BIO 125 Environmental Science I
    BIO 128 Principles of Nutrition
    CHM 109 General Chemistry I
    CHM 115 Chemistry and the Environment
    CHM 125 Criminalistics I
    CHM 140 Chemistry of Emotions
    PHY 101 General Physics I
    PHY 106 General Astronomy


    See more information on math, placement and courses.
    MTH 123 Mathematical Thinking
    MTH 124 Interpreting Information
    MTH 125 Demystifying Numbers
    MTH 134 Brief Calculus (for Business Majors)

    CS 140 Computers, Technology and Society
    CS 142 Website Design
    CS 144 Introduction to Game Development
    CS 146 Introduction to Robotics
    CS 201 Computer Science I

  • Foreign Language

    If you are beginning a new language, please select an introductory course. If you are continuing a language, please consult placement chart to see which level course you should choose.

    3 credits

    FLA 100 Arabic
    FRE 150 Beginning French Culture Through Conversation
    FRE 250 Intermediate French Culture Through Conversation
    FRE 305 Advanced Composition I
    FRE 307 Advanced Conversation I
    GER 150 Beginning German Culture Through Conversation
    ITA 150 Beginning Italian Culture Through Conversation
    ITA 250 Intermediate Italian Culture Through Conversation
    ITA 305 Advanced Italian Composition I
    ITA 307
    JPN 103 Elementary Japanese I
    LAT 103 Elementary Latin I
    SPA 150 Beginning Hispanic Culture Through Conversation
    SPA 250 Intermediate Hispanic Culture Through Conversation
    SPA 304 Spanish for Hispanics
    SPA 305 Advanced Spanish Composition I
    SPA 307 Advanced Conversation I
    DCCG courses (non-language acquisition) offered in Fall 2017

    Foreign Language Current Placement Guidelines

    Tier 1

    Chose to study a new language 
    –1 year of high school experience

    Arabic Chinese French German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
    FLA 100 FLA 100 FRE 150 GER 150 ITA 150 JPN 103 LAT 103 SPA 150

    Tier 2

    –2 to 4 years of high school language study below 90%

    Arabic Chinese French German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
    FLA 101 FLA 101 FRE 250 GER 250 ITA 250 JPN 203 LAT 203 SPA 250

    Tier 3

    –4 to 5 years of high school language study above 90%

    French Italian Spanish
    FRE 307 ITA 307 SPA 307
    FRE 305 ITA 305 SPA 305

    –Native with previous course experience

    French Italian Spanish
    FRE 305 ITA 305 SPA 304
    FRE 307 ITA 307 SPA 305
      SPA 307