Core Curriculum

The Iona College Core Curriculum commits to the ideals of liberal education through the provision of a common learning experience that prepares students for ethical, engaged citizenship and lifelong learning through the lenses of diversity, sustainability, and a global perspective. Framed by the values of peace, justice, and service, the content-rich, interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum is cohesively structured and characterized by an emphasis on the skills of critical thinking and literacy in its many forms. Aspiring to the ideal of full intellectual engagement, the core curriculum seeks to facilitate students’ ability to question and challenge accepted wisdom. Iona College’s dynamic core curriculum promotes the use of high impact educational practices designed to foster deep learning experiences that support students in pursuit of the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as citizens and prospective leaders in an ever-changing world.

The Core Curriculum includes a first-year seminar, the Columba Cornerstone and a linked learning community course; courses in English Composition, Foreign Language, Humanities (Literature, Fine and Performing Arts, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies), Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology), Sciences and Math (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics), Diversity, Cross Cultural and Global Perspectives courses, as well as an Integrated Core Theme (ICT).

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