Road Map for Transfer Students

We have created a Road Map for Transfer students for everything you can accomplish online.

The first thing you need to do is to review your offer of admission to Iona.

After doing so, you can make your non-refundable deposit online.

  • $650 for residential students
  • $400 for commuting students 

To begin, you will need your Computer Account letter from Information Technology that contains your Student ID # and Computer ID and password information. Please follow the links on the topics to the left to complete all required forms available for transfer students.
Contact the Center for Advising and Academic Services to schedule a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE). Official transcripts are required for a TCE. Please submit all copies of prior/current transcripts to the Admissions Office prior to your TCE appointment. Please send your high school and the most current college transcripts to no later than January 2, 2018.

Center for Advising and Academic Services
(914) 633-2130

Next steps for class registration will be discussed at your TCE appointment.

Helpful tip

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