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Road Map for Transfer Students

We have created a Road Map for Transfer students for some of the steps you can accomplish on-line.  You will not be enrolling for classes on-line, yet.
To begin, you will need your Computer Account letter from Information Technology that contains your Student ID # and Computer ID and password information. Please follow the links on the topics to the left or the numbers 1 through 6 above, to Schedule for Transfer Orientation, Accept your Financial Aid and awards, Select Housing, and to request any particular accommodations you may need for accessibility and disability services.  Please complete all forms that apply to you.
Enrolling in your first term will happen after you have arranged a personal meeting with a Transfer Advisor in the school of your possible major.

  • Students who are majoring in Business subjects, may contact Ms. Patti Ingraham at or by calling 914-633-7782 to arrange an appointment.
  • Students who are majoring in Arts & Science subjects, may contact Mr. Stephen Scollard at or by calling 914-633-2207 to arrange an appointment.

Helpful tips

  1. Use the progress bar along the top to click through the different sections of the roadmap.
  2. Note that some of the sections may include sub-sections and you have the ability to traverse these sub-sections using the navigation menu (to the left if you’re viewing the page on your desktop, or within the navigation fly-out located in the top-left on a mobile device).
  3. The progress bar will always keep you posted as to which top-level section you are looking through regardless of how deep you may be within a given section.

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