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Frequently Asked Questions for Freshmen

  • What is the application process?

    Find out all you need to know!
  • What deadlines should I know?

    • Early Action: December 1
    • Regular Admission: Application deadline is February 15
    • FAFSA Submission: April 15
  • What makes me a good candidate for admission?

    To be a realistic candidate for admission, an applicant should have taken a strong college preparatory curriculum that includes at least 16 units. Generally this will include the following, but may vary by individual:
    • English 4 Units
    • Foreign Language 2 units (in the same language)
    • Mathematics 4 Units
    • Natural Science 3 Units (including two laboratory sciences)
    • Social Studies 3 units
    Iona College prefers to see students who have maintained at least a solid B/B+ (85-89) average in high school, and earned an SAT or ACT generally in a range above 1000.  The type and level of courses taken, is reviewed, and is part of a holistic review, and a complement to the GPA and test scores themselves.  Iona does not require the writing section of the SAT or SAT II subject tests.
  • When will I find out my admission and financial aid status?

    • Early Action: Decisions mailed no later than December 21
    • Regular Admission: Decisions mailed by April 1, but typically four to six weeks after receipt of completed application
    • Financial Aid:  Beginning in mid-December, the Office of Student Financial Services will begin sending financial packages to those students who have completed the FAFSA.  Iona's deadline for submitting the FAFSA is April 15, but because financial aid packages will be offered to new students as early as mid-March, students are encouraged to file as soon as possible after October 1.
  • Is housing available?

    Iona offers on-campus housing for four years. Freshmen students who enroll in on-campus housing will have their room and board rates locked in for both their freshman and sophomore years. For additional information regarding housing, please visit the Office of Residential Life.
  • How much does Iona cost? Is there financial aid and scholarships available?

    Current  tuition and room/board costs can be found by visiting the office of Student Financial Services.
    All students who apply to Iona are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships at the point of admission review.  Students are notified of these merit awards, shortly after receipt of their admission decision letter.
    In addition this merit scholarship process, starting in mid-December typically, students are reviewed for additional merit and need-based awards, based on review of the FAFSA to determine financial aid on a case by case basis. Iona does not require students to submit the CSS Profile.  For more information, visit the office of Student Financial Services.
  • Does Iona College have an Honors Program?

    Yes! The Iona College Honors Program offers gifted students the resources and opportunities to develop their talents and to perform at the peak of their capabilities. Additional scholarships are also available for students who qualify. For more information and requirements for entrance into the program visit the Honors Program website.
  • Are there academic support resources for students at Iona?

    Iona offers free tutoring and academic support for all students through the Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center. In addition, the College Assistance Program is available for students with documented learning disabilities. Learn more about academic support.
  • Help! Who can I contact with questions?

    Every applicant has a personal admissions counselor who serves their geographic region and is available to answer student and parent questions about the admissions process and the College. Find your counselor now! 
  • When is Open House and how can I schedule a visit?

    Iona hosts one large Open House every fall and offers intimate tours and information sessions at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on select Saturdays throughout the year. See a complete list of admission events and schedule one at your convenience.
  • Are AP/ IB and college credits from other schools, accepted at Iona?

    • AP courses taken with a score a 3 or higher, can be sent from the College Board to Iona for evaluation.
    • College courses that are at least three credits and completed with a grade of “C” or higher from an accredited institution, can be reviewed for college credit at Iona.  Students should send their official college transcript to Iona College for review by our Dean's Office. 
    • High Level IB courses with a score of 5-7, can be sent for evaluation.

    Required scores for AP exams

    Course/Exam Title Minimum Score for Credit Credit Awarded
    Art History 3 3
    Biology 3 8
    Calculus AB 3 4
    Calculus BC (3 score) 3 4
    Calculus BC (4, 5 score) 4 8
    Chemistry 3 10
    Chinese Language 3 6
    Computer Science A 3 4
    Economics, Micro 3 3
    Economics, Macro 3 3
    English Language & Composition 4 3
    English Literature and Composition 4 3
    Environmental Science 3 4
    European History 3 6
    French Language 3 6
    German Language 3 6
    Government & Politics (American) 3 3
    Government & Politics (Comparative) 3 3
    Human Geography 3 3
    Italian Language & Culture 3 6
    Japanese Language & Culture 3 6
    Latin - Vergil 3 3
    Music Theory 3 3
    Physics B or C 3 8
    Psychology 3 3
    Spanish Language 3 6
    Spanish Literature 3 6
    Statistics 3 3
    Studio Art 2D Design 3 3
    Studio Art 3D Design 3 3
    Studio Art Drawing 3 3
    United States History 3 6
    World History 3 6

    Required scores for IB exams

    IB Higher Level (HL) Class Credit Award with score of 5 or more
    Business and Management 3
    Classical Languages none
    Computer Science none
    Dance 3
    Economics 6
    (English) Literature Subject none
    (English) Language & Literature Subj. none
    Film 3
    Geography 3
    History 3
    Info. & Tech. in a Global Society none
    Lang AB: Initio Subj. Outline none
    Lang. B: Subject Outline none
    Music 3
    Psychology 6
    Social & Cultural Anthropology 3