Pre-College Summer Program Prospective Students

Iona Pre-College is an excellent opportunity to learn more about a particular academic area and experience life on a college campus. Participating in our program as an engaged and active high school student helps prepare students who are interested in exploring college life.

Application Process

Iona Pre-College admits students on a rolling basis from February through June. Early submission is recommended so that your first-choice courses are still available.

Eligibility Requirements

Iona Pre-College program is designed for high school students in good academic standing who demonstrate maturity and self-discipline. Students must be entering their junior or senior year of high school.

Program admission is determined through review of a completed application, essay, recommendation letter and transcript.

International Students

Applicants from countries where English is not the native language are required to provide evidence of English proficiency.

This may include:
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Documentation that the primary language of instruction is English at the school
  • Or a phone/video interview with the director of the program
Students must also submit a copy of their passport with their application.
Once an international student is admitted to Pre-College, the student must follow the appropriate steps on the Admitted Students page. Also, the program cost must either be paid in full or proof of sufficient funding must be provided. Acceptable proof includes:
  • For privately sponsored applicants, a signed letter of support from the bank that includes the U.S. dollar amount of support and certified bank statements, which indicate that the sponsor has sufficient funds to meet the program costs.
  • The certified bank statement need not show the total amount of funds in the account. Rather, it must state that the account has funds to meet the program costs. A statement of income or earnings does not constitute proof of sufficient funds.
Government-sponsored applicants must submit a certified copy of the award letter that includes the U.S. dollar amount of the award per year, the duration of the award, and a list of expenses covered by the award.

Tuition and Fees

The summer 2018 program fee has yet to be determined.

Residential Information

A significant part of Iona Pre-College is the opportunity to live in a residence hall and share living space with high school students from a variety of backgrounds. This is a broadening experience that cultivates strong bonds among students. All residential students live in a residence hall on the Iona College campus and are under the supervision of the Pre-College Coordinator.

Iona Pre-College Residence Hall Set Up
Residence hall assignments are designated by the College in late spring.  While most Iona halls have a variety of layouts and configurations, Pre-College follows a set of criteria for setting up the living environment:
  • The selected hall is dedicated exclusively to Pre-College participants.
  • All students have at least one roommate.
  • Gender division is made by floor.
  • The Pre-College Coordinator and Peer Leaders will live onsite in rooms throughout the Residence Hall.

Residential Staff
The live-in residential staff is trained to create an atmosphere that encourages Pre-College students to adjust quickly and comfortably to the college environment at Iona. The staff includes a Pre-College Coordinator and Peer Leaders dedicated to the program, as well as on call Residence Hall Directors. 

The Pre-College Peer Leaders are mature undergraduate students who offer academic support, plan and supervise sporting and social activities, form a student community-living standards program and arrange enriching field trips and special events.

Pre-College students have access to Iona College’s Division I recreational facilities, including sports fields and courts, gyms with workout equipment, game rooms and a pool.

While the primary focus of Pre-College is educational, the Student Life and Pre-College staff organizes a range of social events, activities and trips so students with widely varying interests can find opportunities to socialize and have fun.

Residential activities include some of the following examples: karaoke; sporting events and competitions; dances; talent shows; movie nights; picnics; trips to amusement parks, state parks, beaches, and NYC, including museums and Broadway. Like most college students, you’ll find that just hanging with friends is one of the best activities of all.

All Pre-College students have a curfew and are required to be in the residence hall by 11 p.m., Sunday-Thursday, and midnight, Friday and Saturday.

Residence Hall Security
The summer College residence hall is accessible by card-swipe only. Students’ Iona cards and the Iona cards of the residential staff and other College personnel are coded for entry into the building. Upon entry in evening hours an Iona College Campus Safety and Security officer will also be staffing the front entrance of the residence hall.

Contact Claire Morrissey for more information: 845-620-1350 ext. 1973 or at