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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

College Council Minutes, March 3, 2021

Present:  T. Moretti, D. DeFino, D. Brophy, A. Howerton-Fox, M. Hughes, A. Kelso, E. Mariola, A. Rosenfeld, C. Normil, M. Wydan, J. Ford, C. Procario-Foley, S. Carey, D. Wheeler, R. Highfield, J. Stabile, T. Delgado, J. Haber, N. Naqvi, C. Procario-Foley, E. Procario-Foley, J. Rosenberg, B. Sanner (for A. Stackhouse), C. Winkler, M. Callaghan, M. Reilley, R. Rubbo, A. Schettini-Lynch, P. Sutera
Excused: H. Park, N. Cosby, C. Dougherty, M. Malenbaum, J. Meyer, I. Stabell

T. Moretti called the meeting to order at 3:32. Quorum was met.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the 2/10/21 Collee Council meeting were approved via e-mail on 3/5/21



Information Item: President’s Report

  • The President held a virtual Student Town Hall on 3/2 to discuss the purchase of Concordia, and its implications for Iona
  • Black History Month events have been well-attended, and student engagement has been excellent
  • The College achieved a 90.6% retention rate from Fall to Spring terms
  • The College has met its budget targets for the Spring term
  • The College has seen a decrease in the number of applications compared to last year, and will have to outperform our numbers from the past ten years in order to hit our targets
  • The College continues to pursue a project-based planning model, and will be making several announcements shortly regarding new and ongoing initiatives

Information Item: Provost’s Report

  • Planning is underway to hold 2021 Commencement in-person, on campus; Honors Convocation will be virtual
  • The College prepares for a return to “normal:” in the Fall 21 term
  • To date, the College has conducted 12,956 COVID tests, and identified and followed protocols for 198 student cases and 34 employee cases
  • The P/U grading option will not be available for Spring 2021; though Index-Free grading is an option for certain courses (see catalog for details)
  • Special thanks to L. Wenchell and D. Arndt for their continued efforts to support transfers and degree completion for remaining Concordia students

Information Item: Core Curriculum Committee Report

  • CCC met on 2/18
  • CCC met with assessment software vendor, Watermark
  • Assessment for AY 19-20 launched on 3/3; 26 faculty members (of which 8 are the CCC and the Core Director) will conduct assessment on a randomized sample and percentage draw on over 5,000 pieces of student work
  • On 2/22, faculty were contacted about the process of uploading Core Signature Assignments for their Spring Core courses to ePortfolio
  • 9 courses in 7 Core categories have been presented to UGC and CAA

Information Item: Hynes Institute Report

  • Hynes Curriculum Committee met on 2/22
  • The Iona Innovation Challenge kicked off on 2/12, which included a keynote by Jimmy DeCicco - Co-Founder and CEO of Super Coffee
  • The second mentor meet-up of the semester took place on 2/18
  • The 3/3 Lunch & Learn seminar featured Charles Curtis from Volunteer NY
  • Rob Kissner is joining Hynes this semester as our inaugural Designer-In-Residence, helping to pilot a MakerSpace

Information Item: Report on MSCHE

  • Steering Committee met on 2/26
  • On 2/18, T. Moretti gave a brief presentation to SGA on the Self-Study process
  • The Steering Committee is currently working with MarCom on a website to disseminate information about the Self-Study
  • The Visiting Team Chair visit will take place (virtually) on 4/28; the full Visiting Team visit will take place (virtually) in October 2021
  • The second Interim Report is due 4/1; chapter drafts are due 6/15

Information Item: Reports from Constituent Assemblies

Faculty Senate

  • The Senate met on 2/25
  • T. Moretti presented reports on MSCHE and COVID-19 protocols, as well as a review of open seats for upcoming committee elections and appointments
  • The Senate reviewed final revisions to the Faculty surveys, which will be distributed soon
  • The Senate discussed ways of maximizing communication with the general faculty, and improving decision-making procedures in governance

Staff and Administrative Council

  • SAC met on 2/4
  • The committee discussed how best to distribute staff awards held over from last year (due to COVID)
  • The committee reviewed the new Paycom system

Student Government Association

  • SGA meets regularly
  • On 2/11, SGA welcomed the new Chief Diversity Officer; on 2/18 SGA welcomed T. Moretti (representing the Middle-States Steering Committee)
  • On 3/2, SGA co-hosted a Town Hall from President Carey to discuss the purchase of Concordia
  • On 3/4, SGA will hold its first committee breakout meetings of the semester
  • The Commencement Committee is currently doing outreach
  • SGA is currently focused on elections, which it expects to conclude by the end of April

Information item: Reports from the Standing Committees

Committee on Academic Affairs

  • CAA met on 3/2
  • EDU and Libraries presented five-year reviews
  • The P/U option will not be available for the Spring 2021 term; this decision with not impact the Index-Free Grading Option, outlined in the College Catalog
  • In response to the Fall 2020 switch to minus grade options, HON has adjusted its minimum grade requirement to B+

Committee on Budget

  • Budget met on 2/24
  • The Finance Office presented enrollment updates for Fall, Winter, January and Spring; the committee discussed the impact on the pandemic on these numbers, the impact of increased enrollments during the Winter and January sessions, and potential opportunities moving forward
  • The Finance Office also share preliminary information about Fall 2021; the committee discussed inviting K. O’Sullivan to a future meeting, for an update on 21-22 enrollment projections

Committee on Human Resources and Compensation

  • No report

Committee on Rank, Tenure, and Awards

  • No report

Committee on Libraries and Information Technology

  • The committee met on 2/25
  • Libraries has completed its five-year review
  • Spring library workshops have been posted, and will be blasted out to students and faculty
  • Classroom and lab software requests for Fall 2021 must be submitted no later than 3/29
  • A “live transcription” feature has been added to Zoom; IT will reach out to faculty shortly with instructions for use

Committee on Institutional Advancement

  • Advancement met on 2/25
  • The Iona Forever campaign has currently raised $120m
  • The Br. Devlin Emergency Fund was increased during the pandemic
  • Advancement has held, and is planning several spring alumni events, including “virtual swag” during the MAAC tournament, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day social media hashtags, and a virtual Board of Trustees Gala

Committee on Student Life       

  • Student Life met on 2/19
  • K. O’Sullivan gave an update on Spring 2021 enrollment and retention numbers, and discussed several Student Life initiatives
  • J. Quintong welcomed K. Beyrer as Director of Performing Arts, discussed COVID testing rates, reviewed changes to meal plans, and reported on the re-opening of the fitness center
  • M. Wydan gave an update on SGA activities

Committee on Athletics

  • Athletics met on 3/2
  • Fall and spring sports will begin abbreviated seasons this week
  •  Athletics is conducting 600-700 COVID tests per week, exceeding NCAA guidelines
  •  The renovated student cardio and weight rooms are now open with limited capacity
  • Recreational swimming is expected to reopen shortly

Committee on Diversity

  • COD met on 2/17
  • The committee endorsed the spirit of the Indigenous Land Statement developed by the Committee on Environmental Sustainability, and offered further recommendations to COES

Committee on Enrollment Management

  • No report

Committee for Environmental Sustainability

  • CES met on 2/25
  • The Environmental Studies Program has been submitted to NYSED
  • Programs sponsored by the Institute of Earth and Spirit (IES) and the Berry Forum are now available through multiple media platforms, engaging a wider audience
  • Conversations regarding revisions to the Indigenous Land Statement continue with COD
  • Facilities reports that energy efficient boilers are slated for installation in Hynes East and Murphy, and that funding for campus gardens and fencing are available
  • IC Green is considering the formation of student focus groups to discuss strategies for engaging more students in conversations around sustainability

There being no other business, T. Moretti adjourned the College Council meeting at 4:17 p.m. The next College Council meeting will be held on 4/7 at 3:30 via Zoom. This will be a General Assembly meeting.