iTunes U at Iona Policy

Policy Name iTunes U at Iona Policy
Approved: April 2009

Private courses will be available on iTunes U for two years. After two years, the courses will be deleted. Deletion means permanently removing the course and its contents from the iTunes system. iTunes U course content can be transferred to a new course at the end of the semester or year, upon request. Apple sets a limit on the amount of space allocated to iTunes U at Iona. Therefore, depending on the number of requests for content upload, a request for use may be denied.

Public courses will remain in iTunes U for two years, or until removal is required for space reasons or content obsolescence, as determined by the review process.

This policy is effective for all private and public course content contained in iTunes U at Iona College and is subject to the annual renewal of the iTunes U contract. Instructors will be notified by email at least two times prior to deletion.