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Understanding iTunes U at Iona Policy


Iona College has partnered with Apple, Inc. to establish iTunes U at Iona College. iTunes U is a free, hosted service for colleges and universities that provides easy access  to their educational content, including audio lectures and video content . Students can download content to their Macs or PCs, listen to and view that content on their computer, or transfer it to an iPod for listening or viewing on the go.  Instructors can easily post and change content on their own.

This document has been developed by Iona College to provide the academic community with standardized procedures to ensure reliable and consistent service and support from CELTIC staff.  These procedures are subject to change and are subject to the annual renewal of the iTunes U contract.

Course Types

Iona College faculty may choose to have a private or public iTunes U course. A private course will only be available to the students enrolled in your Blackboard course. A public course will be available to anyone with Internet access.

Private Courses

Access to your private course content is through Blackboard. Only students enrolled in your Backboard course site will be able to view your iTunes U content. Therefore, guest access is not possible to private courses. Private courses can be made public, upon approval.

Public Courses

The Department Chair or Program Director and the CELTIC Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) will review and approve all public academic content for iTunes U.  All content, including audio and video, must be developed and shown to the Department Chair or Program Director and the FAC to receive approval. The Committee may reevaluate its decision to allow content to remain public at the end of a semester.

IT and the Library will review all public academic content for technical feasibility, quality and copyright compliance. 

Examples of the policy in use

The policy will go into effect in June 2009 and deletions will occur once a year.  There will be no scheduled deletion in 2009 since iTunes courses are only one year old.  Therefore, all courses created prior to and including Spring 2008 courses will be deleted in June 2010 and instructors will be notified in early and mid May 2010.

Public courses will remain in iTunes U for two years, or until removal is required for space reasons or content obsolescence.  Public course deletion schedule will follow the private course deletion schedule.

This pattern will continue in subsequent terms.


All Iona faculty members planning to use iTunes U must receive training from CELTIC staff prior to using iTunes U for their courses.


All iTunes contributors are required to read and follow Apple’s Copyright Overview