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College Council 2019-2020 Governance Committees

College Council


Dr. Seamus Carey, President
Dr. Darrell P. Wheeler, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (ex officio)
Ms. Anne Marie Schettini-Lynch, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (ex officio)
Dr. Joseph Stabile, Dean, School of Arts & Science (ex officio)
Dr. Richard Highfield, Interim Dean, School of Business (ex officio)
Dr. Elena Procario-Foley, Core Director (ex officio)
Dr. Christoph Winkler, Hynes Institute Director (ex officio)
Dr. Thomas J. Moretti, School of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative, Chair
Dr. Dean DeFino, School of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative, Secretary
Dr. Eleni Mariola, La Penta School of Business, Faculty Representative
Dr. Smiljana Petrovic, School of Arts and Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Meryl Nagel, School of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Hannah Park, School of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Amanda Howerton-Fox, School of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Anthony Kelso, School of Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Br. Jason Ford, Staff and Administrative Council Chair
TBD, Staff and Administrative Council Representative
Ms. Hannah McGowan, Student Government Association President
Ms. Kristina Kozakevitch, Student Government Executive Vice President
Dr. Amy Stackhouse, Academic Affairs Committee Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Teresa Delgado, Budget Committee Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Jeffry Haber, Human Resources and Compensation Committee Chair (ex officio)
Dr. John Meyer, Rank Tenure and Awards Committee Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Mychel Varner, Libraries and IT Committee Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Eric Hamerman, Committee on Institutional Advancement Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Yasuhiro Makimura , Committee on Student Life Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Zeynep Altinay, Committee on Athletics Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Nadine Cosby and Dr. Ana Camara, Committee on Diversity Chairs (ex officio)
Dr. Meryl Nadel, Environmental Sustainability Committee Chair (ex officio)
Dr. Ivy Stabell, Enrollment Management Committee Chair (ex officio)


Faculty Senate

View Faculty Senate membership listing

Staff and Administrative Council

View Staff and Administrative Council membership listing

Student Government Association

Ms. Hannah McGowan, President
Ms. Sam Caruselle, Executive Vice President