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2015 - 2016 Governance Committees

College Council

Dr. Joseph Nyre, President, (ex officio)
Dr. Vincent Calluzzo, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, (ex officio)
Ms. Anne Marie Schettini-Lynch, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, (ex officio)
Mr. Paul Sutera, Senior Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs, (ex officio)
Dr. Sibdas Ghosh, Dean, Arts & Science, (ex officio)
Dr. Charles Cante, Interim Dean, Hagan School of Business, (ex officio)
Dr. Hugh Short, Arts & Science, Faculty Representative, Chair
Ms. Dorothy Brophy, Adjunct Faculty Representative, Secretary
Dr. Miles Beckwith, Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Yourha Kang, Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Orly Shachar, Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. Katherine Zaramatidis, Arts & Science, Faculty Representative
Dr. JL Nasuti, Hagan, Faculty Representative
TBA, Hagan, Faculty Representative
Mr. Rick Palladino, Staff and Administrative Council Chair
Ms. Michele Sampson, Staff and Administrative Council Representative
Mr. Tommy Severin, Student Government Association President
Ms. Erin Kutch, Student Government Vice-President for Internal Affairs
Dr. Robert Schiaffino, Academic Affairs Committee Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. Miles Beckwith, Budget Committee Chair, (ex officio)
Ms. Michele Sampson, Human Resources and Compensation Committee Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. James Carpenter, Rank Tenure and Awards Committee Chair, (ex officio)
Ms. Callie Bergeris, Libraries Committee Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. Elda Buonanno, Committee on Info Tech and Computing Services Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. Matthew Glovaski, Committee on Institutional Advancement Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. Catherine Stratton, Committee on Student Affairs Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. John Breslin, Committee on Athletics Chair, (ex officio)
Dr. Anthony Kelso, Diversity Committee Chair, (ex officio)

Faculty Senate

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Staff and Administrative Council

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Student Government Association

Mr. Tommy Severin, President
Ms. Kayla Kosak, Executive Vice President