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Why We Support Iona

Ever since setting foot on the Iona College campus, we felt it was the right fit for our son Nico. He knew it too and, although he’d been extended offers from a number of fine institutions in states east and west of the Mississippi, he was grateful to enroll in a college that had confidence in what it had to offer – academic vitality, extended learning opportunities, and a strong sense of community.

Looking back, Iona was all it promised and more. When we hit the inevitable rough spot, we were not alone in trying to manage the situation from thousands of miles away. There was someone to take charge, someone who had seen this before, and was ready with advice and answers that we could trust.

That is why we became donors and members of the Gael Parents’ Association – so we could help support an institution that we believed to be important. We know tuition doesn’t cover the true cost of a quality higher education and are therefore happy to make yearly financial contributions in order to help provide scholarships that sustain a diverse learning environment as well as support enriched programming such as community service, career development, and academic support.

We’ve had a wonderful four years of involvement in the life of Iona through our connection to the Gael Parents’ Association. It’s allowed us to meet staff and faculty, attend terrific events, and get a deeper understanding of our son’s college life. Through our acquaintance with the many sports, arts and academic programs offered to families, we have felt welcomed, informed and valued as members of the Iona community.