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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus.

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Gifts in Honor Of

In Honor of Ms. Christine Argentieri

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Argentieri

In Honor of Mr. Stephen Auger

  • Peter C. D'Apice, Esq., '79

In Honor of Mr. Derek Becker

  • Mr. Kevin Sheremeta

In Honor of Ms. Michelle Brown

  • Ms. Brenda Hurley

In Honor of Ms. Michelle Parker Brown '19

  • Ms. Daria Caliguire

In Honor of Caton Brisbin

  • Mrs. Kara Carroll

In Honor of Mr. Tyler J. Bruno '17

  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bruno

In Honor of Mr. John S. Budesa '76

  • Ms. Sonya L. Budesa
  • Anonymous

In Honor of Louis S. Campisi, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Peter T. DiMauro '83
  • Sunghee Lee, Ph.D.

In Honor of Ms. Nora Carpenter

  • Mr. Doug Carpenter

In Honor of Mr. Nicholas J. Cavataro Jr.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Vadala

In Honor of Mr. Timothy Cluess

  • Mr. Philip C. Meehan '65

In Honor of Ms. Meg Collins

  • Miss Kathryn Norris
  • Mrs. Josephine Stainkamp
  • Anonymous

In Honor of Daniel Fabian Curtin, CFC

  • Joseph A. Tamagna, DDS, '60

In Honor of Joseph A. Cussen, CFC, '57

  • Robert J. Wilson, Ph.D., '74

In Honor of Anthony Edmund D'Adamo, CFC, '57, '70MA

  • Joseph A. Tamagna, DDS, '60

In Honor of Ms. Elyse Darcy

  • Ms. JoAnn E. Pletka

In Honor of Ms. Kayla J. Davis

  • Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Davis

In Honor of Mr. Breyten Debets

  • Mrs. Maria A. Van der Ploeg

In Honor of Mr. Joseph J. DePaolo '81

  • Ms. Theresa Adams
  • Mr. Rob Astorino
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Corrado
  • Mrs. Sharon G. Henderson '92
  • Mr. Eric Howell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Rabin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael V. Raucci
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Roth
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Salerno
  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Shay

In Honor of J. Kevin Devlin, CFC, Ed.D., '61

  • Mrs. Kathleen A. Daly '75
  • Mr. Martin B. Daly '74

In Honor of John J. Duffy, Esq., '46, '75H

  • Mr. John P. Duffy

In Honor of Harry M. Dunkak, CFC, Ph.D., '51

  • Joseph A. Tamagna, DDS, '60

In Honor of Ms. Kate Flynn

  • Ms. Karin Pelletier

In Honor of Mr. Trevor Foti

  • Mr. & Mrs. Pascal Foti

In Honor of Mr. Jason Goetz

  • Mrs. Patricia L. Aronson

In Honor of Mr. J.T. Gosweiler

  • Ms. Kim M. Lisowski

In Honor of Mr. Michael Gorman

  • Mr. Michael J. Gorman '90
  • Ms. Jennifer Hatch
  • Jean Mahig

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Simon Hader

  • Ms. Andrea Schutz

In Honor of Michael G. Halloran, Ph.D., '89

  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halloran

In Honor of Patrick J. Halloran, CPA, '95

  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halloran

In Honor of Mr. Thomas J. Halloran '87

  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halloran

In Honor of Mr. Drew Helmstetter

  • Ms. Deborah J. Plume
  • Ms. Barbara A. Stewart

In Honor of Paul K. Hennessy, CFC, Ph.D., '53, '99H

  • Michael P. Horan, Ph.D., '77

In Honor of Mr. Shaun Hillis

  • Ms. Erin Hillis

In Honor of Ms. Danielle Keenan '19

  • Mrs. Mary Lou Keenan
  • Ms. Eileen Zaino
  • Mrs. Coleen Zenker

In Honor of Mr. Francis Kinsey

  • Mr. Thomas Johnston
  • Mr. Thomas Iacovone

In Honor of Mr. James Larmon

  • Mr. Dana M. Burr

In Honor of Mr. Sean Lynch '15

  • Mr. Michael J. Lynch '66

In Honor of Mr. Francis X. Malone Jr. '60

  • Mr. Frank Malone, III

In Honor of Ms. Leah Marshall

  • Mr. Theodore A. Romans

In Honor Mr. Tyler McCulloch

  • Mr. James Frawley

In Honor of Patricia M. McGinley, SSJ

  • Mr. Michael Iorio

In Honor of Mr. John E. McIver, Jr. '50

  • Mary L. McIvor, Esq., '88

In Honor of Mrs. Paula A. McIvor '94

  • Mary L. McIvor, Esq., '88

In Honor of Mr. Matthew J. Mirocco

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeff J. Froccaro
  • Mr. James Scordamaglia

In Honor of Ms. Megan A. Mitchell '17

  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mitchell

In Honor of Mr. Patrick A. Mulvaney '93, '02MST

  • Ms. Linda Hogan
  • Ms. Paula Tobin

In Honor of Miss Kathryn T. Nevin '17

  • Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Nevin

In Honor of Robert E. Novak, CFC, Ph.D., '72

  • Ms. Eileen Sullivan '84

In Honor of Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D.

  • Mrs. Eileen F. Davidson '94MSEd

In Honor of Mr. Thomas O'Sullivan

  • Mrs. Kelley Biondi
  • Ms. Meghan O'Sullivan
  • Mrs. Regina O'Sullivan

In Honor of the Ostroumoff and Zangrandi Families

  • Ms. Carol R. Zangrandi '79

In Honor of Mr. Mauro H. Pacsi

  • Mr. Rafael O. Pasci

In Honor of Mr. Paul Perkovich

  • Mr. & Mrs. Neil Callahan
  • Mrs. Roxanne Dean
  • Ms. Monica Levandosky

In Honor of Mr. Brian Picone

  • Mr. Salvatore Paolicelli

In Honor of Peaches Poughkeepsie

  • Mr. Paul Dunne

In Honor of Richard B. Power, CFC

  • Joseph A. Tamagna, DDS, '60

In Honor of Charles B. Quinn, CFC

  • Joseph A. Tamagna, DDS, '60

In Honor of Ms. Kaitlin Ratigan '16, '18ME

  • Mrs. Jacqueline Ratigan '84
  • Mr. Ronald T. Ratigan '82

In Honor of Ms. Emma Rippon

  • Ms. Claire E. Ryan

In Honor of Ms. Ivette Rojas

  • Anonymous

In Honor of Viateur Rousseau, Ph.D.

  • Joseph M. Hayes, MD, '75

In Honor of Sydney Ruschmeier

  • Mr. Roger Ruschmeier

In Honor of Mr. Jim Sharkey

  • Mr. Anthony Miro

In Honor of Ms. Sarah Stewart

  • Mrs. Diana Hammerstein

In Honor Ms. Jessica C. Stillman '07

  • Bruce Stillman, Ph.D.

In Honor of Mr. Paul Sullivan

  • Mr. Jeff Roland
  • Mr. Daniel P. Smith
  • Ms. Doreen Sullivan

In Honor of Paul J. Sutera, CFRE

  • Ms. Kelly Sieber

In Honor of Mr. Niko Switalla '19

  • Mr. Scott Switalla

In Honor of Mr. Delano R. Townsend

  • Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Townsend

In Honor of Mr. Christopher Traynor '17

  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Traynor

In Honor of Mr. Noah H. Veiga

  • Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Veiga

In Honor Mr. Antonio R. Velardi '19

  • Ms. Vickie Barletto
  • Ms. Danielle Mangione
  • Ms. Janis Mangione
  • Ms. JoAnn Piacenza
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Velardi
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