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About the TPNHA Collection

In 2009, the Thomas Paine National Historical Association partnered with Iona College to preserve and develop its rich collection of writings and other items by and about Thomas Paine. Founded in 1884, the TPNHA archive spans nearly three centuries, ranging from manuscripts and artifacts belonging to Paine and his contemporaries, to the vast institutional records and correspondence of the Historical Association itself: documents related to progressive era luminaries like W.E.B. DuBois and Charles Beard as well as the development of photography and media in the early twentieth century, through the educational activism of the mid twentieth century. The collection is a vast one, relevant to scholars across a wide range of chronological and disciplinary fields, and is particularly strong on the historical memory of Thomas Paine, institutional political and social justice movements, and early American material and print culture.

The collection is supported by the generosity of Sid Lapidus, who provided an extensive library of secondary literature to supplement and contextualize the primary documents in the TPNHA archive. The Lapidus Collection will be available for researchers to use as of May 2018.

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