Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D.

Embracing Differences to Foster Communication

Visit 50 years of women at Iona College siteDr. Howerton-Fox was invited to give a talk on the theme of "Boundaries" at TEDxManchesterHighSchool, an independently organized TED event in Manchester, CT that aims to bring the TED experience to the youth community. Given her research interests in language and literacy development, comparative sign language linguistics, and bilingual-bimodal education, Dr. Howerton-Fox chose to focus her talk on the boundary that our society erects between the Able and the dis/Abled, and the dangerous ramifications of that invisible wall. Specifically, she argues that pervasive negative connotations around difference and disability too often inform linguistic and educational decisions that lead to the linguistic, cognitive, and social-emotional harm of deaf children. Dr. Howerton-Fox uses both spoken English and American Sign Language in the talk to encourage the audience to receive the message bimodally – through their ears and through their eyes.

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