Cody Kiefer '21

Living Life With No Hesitation

Cody Kiefer '21 Picture

Iona logoA transfer student and former Marines sergeant, Cody Keifer ’21 is pursuing his dreams and making a big difference in the lives of those in need. Originally an engineering major, Cody decided to switch majors, and schools, to work toward his goal of becoming a law enforcement officer. Now in his first semester as a criminal justice major at Iona, he is proud of following his dreams with a major that will allow him to have a better understanding of society, the legal system, and how he can be an asset in the law enforcement field.

As a child, Cody was determined to someday join the military and serve his country. With hard work and dedication, he turned that dream into a reality by joining the Marines, eventually making the rank of sergeant before exiting to pursue his education.

“Serving in the military means giving up the normal life of going to college and finding a career to serve your country. It means to serve with a family that puts their life in your hands. From day one you are told to look to your left and right, that ‘these are your brothers and sisters.’ It is a type of comradery that cannot be found anywhere else. To serve in the military is to live by honor, courage, and commitment and to maintain the freedom to live,” said Cody.

Cody with three of his fellow marines at a base.

Most proud of his volunteer work with organizations such as the St. Bernard Project/Habitat for Humanity, he and other students recently worked on a house project in Chappaqua, N.Y. Having always had an interest and ability for construction, Cody has gone above and beyond to give his time and talents to serving others.

One of his many recent accomplishments includes being honored with the First Annual Welcome Home Award for his volunteer work with Fuller Center for Housing in New Rochelle.

Cody states, “construction is something I love doing and have been doing since I was young, so when the opportunity came about, I knew this would be something I was passionate about participating in. I have met many people so far by volunteering and look forward to continuing to build these relationships.”

Proud of living a life without hesitations and learning from mistakes, Cody advises new and prospective students to “Never doubt your ability to accomplish a task or a goal you set in life. There will always be those who doubt you, but in the end, you are the one in control of the choices you make in life so never hesitate to obtain the future that is always right in front of you.”

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