David Weber ’00

Forging a Unique Path

David Weber ’00 Picture
David sits in a hoist and hangs from a helicopter over a mountain top.

Iona logoRecognized as the 2018 Paramedic of the Year by the Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, David Weber ’00, splits his year in Utah and Alaska. Based in Utah, David spends his fall and winter months as a helicopter hoist rescuer and flight paramedic for Intermountain Life Flight. As the warmer months come around, he spends his spring and summer in Alaska as a mountaineering ranger and medical program coordinator for Denali National Park. David also consults and instructs on the national level with numerous search and rescue organizations. Additionally, he is an instructor for the American Avalanche Institute, a senior field instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School, and a lead instructor for the Wilderness Medicine Institute.

A biology major and member of the Men’s Swimming and Diving team during his time at Iona, David credits Iona with instilling in him a robust decision-making framework and a strong work ethic. With the help of approachable professors that turned into mentors, the skills David gained at Iona allowed him to critically examine his career options and helped push him off the standard track.

One of the major qualities that attracted David to Iona was the small Division I college atmosphere, which he found evident in both the classroom and the pool. He knew that Iona’s size would suit not only his personal style, but also his aspirations, especially through their individualized approach to bettering his education.

“My time at Iona College felt very personalized. I was able to develop my own course of study and pursue the subjects that most interested me. I found the professors to be approachable and willing to mentor,” said David. “Because I was able to forge my own path at Iona, I have had the courage to do so ever since.”

With a demanding academic schedule and time-intensive athletic training, David recalls his coaches’ dedication to stay late with him and run individual practices at the end of the day, and is grateful for their commitment to his athletic and academic success.

Some of his most vivid memories of his time at Iona as a student-athlete are the team’s annual winter training trip to the International Swimming Hall in Florida. He credits the team bonding that occurred on this trip to what prepared them for a championship season.

When asked what moment he would like to relive from his time at Iona, he mentions the MAAC championship meet each spring, but ultimately states that if given the opportunity, he would relive his entire four years.

David and two other rescuers set up lead lines on the side of a mountain. David skis down a huge mountain side.

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