Ian Thompson ’15

Building entrepreneurial skills at Iona

As a marketing major and captain of the men’s water polo team, Ian Thompson ’15 found that Iona College provided him with the right balance of coursework and resources to expand his entrepreneurial aspirations and professional creativity – while being able to pursue water polo, the sport he excels in and loves.

Coordinating his needs as a student and an athlete at Iona was rewarding and challenging for Thompson, teaching him to balance his time with upward of 20 hours of water polo training each week while taking five classes a semester. “Going through that over the past four years, it’s really made it a memorable experience, and a learning experience of how I am going to have to work in the real world, and be disciplined and structured.”

Ian found that taking classes in Iona’s well-known School of Business was beneficial because he got to learn from professors who had worked successfully in the field for many years before coming back to teach. It was in one of his classes that a comment from a professor about the current trends in social media started Ian thinking about what this generation wanted, and what was missing from the market.

During his senior year, Ian created his own company, Koobe, Inc., and released the social media mobile app “KBaang!” which allows users to add voice/audio to photos or taglines of their life. Ian credits the relevant information that his Iona professor provided for starting him on the track to launching Koobe, Inc., before even graduating.

“Iona has prepared me to move the world because of all the knowledge and ideas that they have given me, and for the faculty to allow me to express my creativeness – that’s what really helped me prepare myself to make a difference.”

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