Jada Harris ’19

Applying Skills Learned In The Classroom To Help The Local Community

Jada Harris ’19 Picture

Iona logo With an eye for fashion, this former basketball player is utilizing her studies in marketing to help the local community. Jada Harris '19, a marketing major originally from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (Arlington High School), grew up playing basketball and dreaming of working in the fashion industry. Now a senior at Iona, she recalls what brought her to the College.

“The main reason why I chose Iona was because immediately after stepping foot on campus it felt like home,” said Jada. “Everyone here is so attentive, which made the transition from high school so much easier.”

Though she chose not to play college basketball, she has dedicated the last three years to serving as manager of the women’s basketball team where she oversees equipment, uniforms and filming the games. Jada adds, “At first it is hard transitioning from playing to not playing at all, but it did become worth it at the end.”

This semester she has been most proud of the work she and her fellow students in Dr. Bret Sanner’s The Role of Business in Contemporary American Society course have done to help the Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle (BGCNR) find ways to partner with New Rochelle Housing Authority to provide programming at Bracey House. Jada and her group have been working with BGCNR to help them become more geographically accessible to all potential beneficiaries in New Rochelle. Dr. Sanner’s students are tasked with creating a strategic plan that identifies the feasibility and readiness for an expansion, the services they need to prioritize, and resources needed to provide those services.

Another point of pride for Jada came during her freshman year, where she witnessed the win of the MAAC tournament. She recalls, “As the manager of the women’s basketball team, it was great being able to see with my own eyes what hard work and dedication could lead to.”

After graduation, she plans on continuing to pursue her passion of working in the fashion industry. Her goal is to work in visuals at Suit Supply in SoHo, N.Y. or San Francisco, Calif. Her advice to new and prospective students is to “Get involved. Try and find your craft and figure out what you really want to do because four years will go by in the blink of an eye, and you never want to have that ‘what if’ feeling.”

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