Kashif Hameed ’99

Educating in a Lasting Way

Iona logoKashif Hameed '99 recently took 10 of his students from Promise Academy Charter School to Ghana for a volunteer educational experience and cultural exchange.

Hameed is currently the principal of Promise Academy Middle School located in Harlem, New York. In association with Harlem Children's Zone, Hameed began communicating with Project Nyame NSA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping orphans and highly vulnerable children in Ghana and Zambia in 2017. Hameed and the project's founder Devon Leondis discussed how the American students could benefit from making a difference in Africa.

In May 2018, Promise Academy embarked on its first trip to Ghana and volunteered time at the Village of Hope.

"All the support builds these types of experiences. The students will take memories like this for the rest of their lives as they become positive members of society." Hameed continues, "This is how education impacts us. Educating students in so many different ways. In a lasting way."

Video transcript.

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