Maria Wik ’18

Transferring to Iona for more opportunities

Maria Wik’s college experience began at a fashion school in New York City, but she soon decided her intended career plans needed something more. “I decided to transfer to Iona because I wanted a more broad major where I can have more opportunities.”
At Iona, Maria is majoring in Mass Communication with a Public Relations concentration, and feels that “transferring to Iona was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”
Iona’s academics and engaged faculty have played an integral role in Maria’s positive experience. “You don’t feel like a number – the teachers know your name, they know you on a one-on-one basis. I think that’s definitely something special to Iona.”
When she arrived on campus, Maria felt an overwhelming sense of community and an instantaneous friendship with many of her classmates. “Being a transfer student, you don’t really know anyone when you first arrive on campus, but getting involved at Iona after transferring was very simple.”
Maria is actively involved with Campus Ministries and participated in an Iona study abroad program in Poland during spring break. This experiential learning experience gave Maria a firsthand view information she learned in the classroom.
To add to her résumé, Maria is participating in the Disney College Program for a semester, living, working and taking classes at Disney World. After graduating from Iona, she plans to use her degree to obtain a public relations career in the fashion industry, and knows that Iona’s Career Development Office will help her achieve this goal.
“At the end of the day, coming to Iona and getting a more broad degree is a better situation for my career in the future.”

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