Prof. Sunghee Lee, Ph.D.

Helping students through hands-on research

Visit 50 years of women at Iona College siteProfessors like Dr. Lee engage students in research, training them to focus, organize and move the world of science. Presently serving as the Chemistry Department chair, Dr. Lee ensures that every student has the opportunity to conduct research, work together as a team, and develop creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. 
A long-standing mentor in the Iona Community, Dr. Lee believes that the College’s tight-knit community makes it possible to individually advise every student right from his or her freshman year. As a result, Iona students are prepared to move the world and serve as meaningful contributors to society when they reach graduation.  
Among her honors, Dr. Lee received the 2013 Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Chemical Society's NY section's Westchester Chemical Society–in recognition of her "advanced studies in surface chemistry of droplets for the fundamental understanding of self-assembly at interfaces, and for passionately cultivating the talents of a large array of undergraduate researchers."

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