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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

Learning Experience

This plan was established by the Iona College Task Force, with input from faculty, staff, students and parents. The plan was developed in accordance with New York State public health guidelines and founded in concern for fulfilling the educational mission of Iona College and the academic integrity of Iona’s educational offerings. Policies and procedures are subject to change as the situation evolves.

Teaching and learning will occur in a mixed-mode method to allow for both in-person and remote learning. 

  • All fall 2020 and spring 2021 classes will be held in a mixed-mode method with synchronous learning, with the exception of classes already designated as distance learning (DL). Iona’s course catalog lists classes and the learning mode.
  • Mixed mode means that the instructor will be teaching students who are learning in person and those who are learning remotely at the scheduled time. Synchronous learning means that if a student registers for a class that is scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 p.m., that class will be in session on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 p.m. The class will meet on campus, in a room that is outfitted with technology that allows students who cannot be present in the classroom to still be able to fully participate in the class.
  • In early July 2020, Iona surveyed all students about their learning plans and learning environment. The survey asked students about the availability of WiFi and computers, and to indicate, per class, whether they plan to learn in person or remotely.
  • Survey results provided an understanding of how many students will be learning in person and remotely for each class, and will allow faculty to prepare lessons and identify whether there will be classes or labs where students may need to rotate and learn in person on certain days and learn remotely on other days, depending on classroom capacity and the specifics of the class. 
  • The need for rotating will be dependent on the percentage of students in a particular course that select in-person vs. online as well as the classroom capacity for that course. Iona is using this initial selection to help in setting up classrooms for the best experience, though circumstances may change throughout the semester.
  • The mixed-mode format for classes will provide students the flexibility to attend classes either in person or remotely. Anyone who chooses to attend in person will have the option to switch to online as needed if circumstances change.  
  • If a student selects to take classes in person, but is unable to attend class in person on a particular day, the student is advised to contact the faculty member to let them know they plan to attend the class online.
  • Students or faculty with underlying health conditions should consider using the online option. Faculty and staff who need accommodations may submit requests to Human Resources.  
  • Students will not have to go through the Accessibility Office if they choose to take classes remotely. They were able to select that option through a survey for any/all of their classes. Documentation and/or explanations will not be required. 
  • For accessibility accommodations such as hearing, speech, physical or more, students should work with Iona’s Accessibility Office, which has established processes to address students’ needs.
  • Professional development and technical support has been provided to prepare faculty to deliver effective classes and maximize learning for students who may be participating in person or via remote learning.
  • Laboratories are being addressed based on the particulars of the discipline. For example, the STEM faculty have spent a great deal of time with Arts & Science Dean Joseph Stabile Ph.D. in planning the details for delivery.  
  • Regarding licensed or state regulated disciplines or career paths, each is handling its own clinical requirements differently. For example, Education is dependent upon the opening and the format of schools and school districts. For disciplines that can do tele-sessions with clients, these are likely to continue. The New York State Education Department and the Office of the Professions have given extended options for schools setting up alternate learning platforms.  

Shared computers will be limited.

  • Libraries will be open and reserved for Iona students and guests on Admissions tours. However, public computers in the libraries and other spaces on campus will not be available at this point in time. A limited number of classes may need to use campus computers for specialty software and cleaning protocols will be put in place. 
  • Students should bring their own laptops to classes every day to assure that they are not sharing computers with others. The current CDC guidelines recommend minimizing the use of shared computers. Please note that Windows-based laptops are preferred as most of the software used on campus is Windows-based software. 
  • Students will also have the option of purchasing their own keyboards to use with campus computers if needed. Students with a financial hardship or other technology concern should contact to discuss alternative solutions.
  • Printing and copying will NOT be available in the libraries and other spaces on campus at this point in time. Students will need to submit their assignments online.