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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

Strategies for Online Learning

We'll get through this together

Things may feel out-of-control right now. You may be facing a lot of unknowns and disruptions. Try to be patient with yourself, your classmates, and your instructors during this time. Take care of your well-being first. Making a plan and adjusting your studying may help you feel even a little sense of control.

Use this resource as a starting point.

Remember you are not alone!

We are here to support you!

While more of your coursework and teamwork have to be online and remote, here are some strategies to keep in mind.

  • Build a routine like you would for a traditional, in-person class
  • Follow the school schedule as closely as possible
  • Use your reference materials (readings and textbooks, etc.)
  • Look at the readings and cite responses
    • Students sometimes lose points with online assignments because they will make opinion statements or treat the assignments more casually
  • Carefully read through any materials sent by your professors
  • Check your email frequently
  • Make note of the how the class will be delivered
    • Live-steam?
    • Recorded videos?
    • Discussion Boards?
  • Assignments dates and test dates may change...UPDATE YOUR PLANNERS

Try to create a specific physical space devoted only to school work

  • A desk in your room
  • Coffee table
  • Kitchen or dining room
  • Decorate your space with motivational quotes and pictures
  • Keep it clean and organized
  • DO NOT study or attend class on your bed
  • Have a consistent wakeup time and follow the same routine as if you were going to leave the house
    • Shower and get dressed (don’t stay in pajamas)
    • Have breakfast and get in a mindset that you have schoolwork to do and classes to attend
  • Follow your school schedule as closely as possible

You may not be called on to asked a question or provide an answer but you are still expected to be an active participant in class

  • Ask questions during live lectures
  • Attend virtual office hours with your professor
  • Participate actively in discussion boards
  • 25 minutes of study
  • 5 minutes of break
  • Then repeat
  • Have a set idea of what you want to do during breaks, avoid getting overly distracted
  • When you are done with your work for the day, reward yourself!
  • Have a set time during the day where your phone is off
  • Avoid texting and browsing on social media during online lectures (just as you would in a classroom)
  • Place timers on your social media apps
  • Take a walk instead or get fresh air
  • Facetime with friends
  • Create virtual study groups on Zoom
  • Call your classmates
  • Find an accountability buddy!

Please remember, this will pass.

If COVID-19 has disrupted your travel plans, ended a lab experiment you were excited about, or for any reason feels like it came at the worst possible time, remember: this is temporary. You’ll find your way when it settles down. You’ll get back on track, and things will get back to normal. We don’t know when, but it will happen.

Until then, take a deep breath, do your best, get some rest, and wash your hands.