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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 2020

  • Messages of Hope & Inspiration: April 14 - April 17

    Help us to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month by posting messages of hope and inspiration to survivors of sexual violence on social media with the hashtag #SupportSurvivors.

  • Trauma Informed Yoga: April 24, 4 p.m.

    This practice provides a sensitive and accessible place for individuals healing from traumatic experiences to reconnect with and reclaim their body through movement and breath. This experience will help ground you in the present moment and teach you mindfulness skills to regulate your nervous system. Our 40-minute journey is open to anyone who has experienced trauma on an individual, group, or systemic level – all minds, all bodies, and all hearts welcome.
    To receive a Zoom invite, contact Ali Swoish at

  • Denim Day: April 29

    Iona College is honoring survivors of sexual violence by celebrating Denim Day. Show your support for survivors of sexual assault and call for an end to myths surrounding sexual violence by posting a picture of yourself wearing jeans with the hashtags #IonaDenimDay, #MyJeansProtestViolence, and #SupportSurvivors.

    Full Instructions

    To post your support:
    1. Wear a denim clothing item.
    2. Print the "Gaels Support Denim Day" sign or create your own.
    3. Open up Instagram on your phone and tap the + icon
    4. Tap the photo option and then the circular arrow icon.
    5. Hold your sign up tap the circle to take a photo of yourself.
    6. Use these tags in your post:
      #IonaDenimDay #MyJeansProtestViolence, and #SupportSurvivors.
    7. Tap OK.
    8. Tap tag people, tap your photo, type IonaCollegeCounselingCenter, and then tap done.
    9. Tap share.
  • Cosplay is Not Consent: April 30, Noon

    Join the Admirers of Illustrated Literature and the Counseling Center for a panel dedicated to discussing the importance of consent and verbal communication in and out of conventions, and when people are cosplaying.
    To receive a Zoom invite contact Genesis Matias at

  • Instagram

    For resources and to learn more about how to prevent sexual assault, check out the Counseling Center's Instagram @IonaCollegeCounselingCenter.