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Academic Success Strategies

Some requirements for student success in college

  • to read rapidly and accurately;
  • to categorize, compare and construct relationships;
  • to synthesize vocabulary and use context clues;
  • to infer ideas, generalize from facts, and make judgments based on facts;
  • to use critical skills to distinguish between fact and opinion, to see both sides of the question, to understand a point of view, to sense an author’s purpose and to understand the use of propaganda techniques;
  • to take notes effectively;
  • to manage time; and
  • to practice successful study strategies.

Tips for promoting success in college

Get Organized:

  • Keep notes for each course in a separate notebook.
  • Find one place to study where you reside - a place where you can keep your textbooks, handouts, a dictionary, and so forth, ready for use, and where you can work undisturbed.
  • Find one place to study on campus - preferably far away from crowds, and use it regularly during some of your free hours. (e.g., a corner of the library)
  • Keep a notepad to write down your daily goals and responsibilities. Determine your priorities and check off what you have completed.
  • Reread, review, and summarize the class notes you have taken at the end of Every day! Add things that you remember, number, underline and check your understandings. Any questions? Check with a classmate or your instructor the very next day.
  • Anticipate a general test question (using words like “Describe,” “Discuss” or “Compare”) from your notes each day and write it down (perhaps on an index card). If you can answer it correctly without referring back to your notes, you have begun studying for an exam in a relatively painless way!
  • Get into the habit of visiting the Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center whenever you need help in any subject. You can also use the Center for ongoing help with math, writing, time management and study skills.
  • Attend the free study skills workshops offered by the Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center.


Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center - (914) 633-2217
(located on the lower level of Amend Hall)