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Career Planning

Four Year Plan

Deciding upon a major and choosing a career is a process that happens over time. An important function of a college education is to expose students to a wide range of subjects and possibilities so that they can choose a major/career field that is a good match with their interests and strengths. At Iona College, students need to make a decision regarding their major in sophomore year. The Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development Career Advising staff in conjunction with your Academic Advisor, can assist you in choosing a major that is right for you. Through a career advising session, we can help you identify your skills, abilities and interests and then discuss potential majors to explore. If you have already decided upon a major, we can assist you in exploring career options for your major. In addition to advising, we have a number of online resources to assist you with your career development.

Exploring career interests through extra-curricular involvement and volunteering is highly encouraged at Iona College. In addition, employers look favorably upon extra-curricular activities on a resume. Motivate yourself to become involved and engaged in all aspects of college life in the classroom, in co-curricular activities, in service learning and volunteerism, in study abroad and other travel opportunities, in student government and in social activities. Use Career Development and Student Development resources in order to clarify your interests, values and skills, and identify goals. The more you use your college years to develop yourself intellectually, culturally, personally, spiritually and socially the more marketable you will be.

Acquiring practical work experience is another way to identify career interests and gain skills and knowledge that will help you make the right career choice. We have an online job posting system and have a number of part-time jobs available outside the college that can help you to build experience and skills. Internships are another way to acquire experience and discover your career interests. At Iona, It is strongly recommended that you do either a credit internship, paid internship or other practical experience. Credit internships require approval from your academic department and are generally taken in junior or senior year depending upon the major. Paid or voluntary internships can de done at any time. Contact a Career Advisor for more information on internships and part-time jobs.

Below you will find some suggestions for specific steps you can take during each of your four years at Iona College that will help you effectively plan for your future career. This process begins with getting to know yourself and getting involved with college life, and it concludes with finding a career and a job that is satisfying for you.

Freshman Year - become familiar with the Career Center:

  • Register with Handshake, our online career management system, to receive updates on events, workshops and job opportunities.
  • Meet with a career advisor to explore your interests and skills.
  • Explore extra-curricular activities relevant to your major and interests.

Sophomore Year - explore your career options:

  • Utilize online tools to explore career/major options and attend workshops on specific career fields.
  • Attend “ExploringMajors Day” to meet with faculty and obtain information about specific majors.
  • Join an academic club to explore career fields and to build your resume.

Junior Year - gain practical experience:

  • Prepare a resume and practice effective interviewing techniques.
  • Begin investigating internships and networking/job shadowing opportunities.
  • Participate in the annual Career & Internship Expo.

Senior Year - prepare for your job search and/or graduate school:

  • Attend workshops to learn about resources to assist you in your search.
  • Participate in on-campus recruiting, resume referral, annual Career & Internship Expo and investigate job postings.


The Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development (914) 633-2462
Spellman, 2nd floor
Career Development Website