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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where are there campus computers for student use?

    You can access computers in both Ryan and Arrigoni Libraries. You can also access computer labs in McSpedon Hall Room 16, Ryan Library, Arrigoni Library and the LaPenta Student Union on the ground floor. See a complete list of computing facilities.
  • I have a lot of classes in one day, so I have to carry a lot of books. Do you have locker rentals?

    You can rent lockers for $25/semester in the Office of Student Development, which is located on the second floor of the LaPenta Student Union. The lockers are located on the ground floor of the LaPenta Student Union in the Commuter (Vending) Lounge.
  • Where can I spend my time between classes?

    In addition to spending time in any of the dining areas on campus, including the Vitanza Commons and LaPenta Marketplace, commuter students can also spend time in the Arrigoni or Ryan Libraries, in any of the computer labs on campus, in empty classrooms or in the LaPenta Student Union. The LaPenta Student Union has a commuter vending lounge, computer labs, the Unity Lounge, a game room and a prayer room. Commuters may also decide to work out in the Hynes Athletics Center. Iona wants its commuters to feel at home everywhere they go on campus!
  • How do I get involved on campus?

    A great way for commuters to get involved is through the Commuter Student Association. CSA meets every other Thursday at noon. Contact the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services to learn more. Commuters can also learn about all of the clubs and organizations on campus by visiting the Office of Student Development on the second floor of the LaPenta Student Union. Also, keep an eye on your Iona email for “This Week at Iona,” a weekly email of upcoming Iona events.
  • What is a Commuter Assistant?

    Each first-year commuter is part of a cohort of other first-year commuters with an assigned commuter assistant. A commuter assistant is a returning commuter student leader who works for the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services. The commuter assistants will reach out to their cohort members multiple times throughout the year, host cohort meetings and events, contact you via text, email, and/or social media, and collaborate on commuter and campus-wide programming initiatives. Commuter Assistants will help build community among commuters, get commuters connected to the larger campus community and serve as a resource for their cohort members. You are encouraged to communicate regularly with your commuter assistant!
  • Where do I go if I want to participate in service projects?

    To learn more about service and civic engagement opportunities on campus, visit the Office of Mission and Ministry on the second floor of the LaPenta Student Union.
  • How do I get a job on campus?

    While some offices only hire students with Federal Work Study, you can review a list of campus jobs.

  • Can commuters have a meal plan?

    Off-campus and commuter students can have a meal plan, but they do not have to. The commuter meal plan is flexible and can be started with as little as $100. Students eating on-campus do not pay tax when using their meal plan. However, students can also eat at any of the off-campus eateries accepting the Iona meal plan. Learn more about the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Meal Plan options.
  • How can I save money on my commute?

    MetroNorth does not offer discounts to college students. You can buy discounted MetroCards for the Beeline Bus system and New York City Subway in the Office of Student Development on the second floor of the LaPenta Student Union. These cost $20. Students can use the Gael Express, a free Iona shuttle to the New Rochelle Transit Center. Review the Gael Express schedule.
  • Where do I park when I come to campus?

    Iona students are encouraged to park on campus! You just need a free parking pass, which you can get in the Office of Campus Safety on the second floor of the LaPenta Student Union. Students can park in spaces with white lines. Yellow lines are reserved for Faculty/Staff. The most popular student parking lots include the parking garage behind the Business School, Montgomery Lot (near the athletics field) and Summit Lot behind Murphy Center (entrance on Summit Avenue). Do not park in reserved spaces or yellow-lined spaces. Parking for students is also not permitted under the North Avenue Residence Hall.
  • Can I rent a room on campus for a night?

    Yes! The Office of Conference Services has a limited number of beds for rent at $40/night. These spaces must be booked in advance through the Office of Conference Services. Call (914) 637-7790 for more information.
  • Tell me more about commuting to Iona!

    Take the bus?
    • MetroCards are on sale in the Office of Student Development on the second floor of LaPenta Student Union. They cost $20. You need a MetroCard or quarters to ride the Bee-Line bus. You can also by MetroCards directly through the MTA.
    • Bee-Line bus schedules are available in the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services on the second floor of LaPenta Student Union.
    • Many of the Bee-Line bus routes stop running around 7 p.m. and run on a limited basis on weekends.
    • The #45 bus stops directly in front of Iona College. The #61 stops at the corner of Fifth Avenue and North Avenue. Additional routes are available at the New Rochelle Transit Center.
    • The #45 takes students from Iona College to Pelham Bay in the Bronx where they can get the #6 subway.
    • For more information, visit
    Take the Gael Express? Take MetroNorth?
    • Unfortunately, MetroNorth does not offer a discount for college students.
    • New Rochelle is a stop on the New Haven Line. This line connects Connecticut to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.
    • The ride to Grand Central Terminal from New Rochelle is about 36 minutes.
    • To get to and from the New Rochelle transit center, you can take the Gael Express or a Bee-Line Bus (#45).
    • For more information, visit
    Drive? ZipCar?
    • Become a member of ZipCar before you need to use the service.
    • Sign up on ZipCar's website.
    • Book the car for the dates/times you need it.
    • Use and return the car to its parking space on campus near the parking garage.
    • Students receive a discounted hourly rate (gas and tolls are included in your hourly fee).
    Questions? Contact the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services at (914) 633-2243 or