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Safety Tips: Apartment Safety

Apartment Safety:

  • Do not let service or repair personnel into your dwelling. Leave them outside while you call their main company to confirm their legitimacy.
  • Most burglaries result from unlocked doors. Keep your interior and exterior doors locked at all times, even when you are there.
  • Always keep windows locked, even when you are in the house. Windows should be able to be locked even when they are open a few inches for ventilation.
  • Never leave doors propped or a key for a roommate outside of the apartment.
  • Doors and windows should be visible to neighbors and the street.
  • Talk to your roommates when someone is having guests. Make sure guests are not left alone in your dwelling. Keep valuables locked up. Do not leave important items out in the open.
  • Keep a list of your serial numbers for electronic equipment in a separate location in case something gets stolen. This will help identify your lost or stolen goods.
  • Do not let strangers in.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers in your cell phone and in your apartment.
  • Leave a radio on low and a light on when you go out so people think someone is home.
  • When you leave for holiday breaks take your valuables with you (TVs, radios, jewelry, etc.)
  • Use an electrical lamp timer when you will be away.
  • Get to know your neighbors and their schedule when they will be home.
  • Make sure your landlord provides lighting to outside doors and driveways. Make sure it is motion censored.
  • Let your landlord know when bushes and shrubbery become overgrown.
  • Call the police if an unfamiliar person is hanging around outside of your building.
  • Question unescorted people in your building. If you do not feel comfortable, call the police.
  • Try not to enter an elevator with another person. If you do, stand next to the emergency alarm. If there is a problem, push the alarm and as many floors as possible (but not the stop button).
  • Close window shades at night.
  • Call the police if you receive an obscene phone call.
  • Do not give solicitor phone calls any personal information.
  • Have a peep hole, a chain lock, or a slide bar on your front door.
  • Doors leading to garages or basement should be metal-clad or solid wood and have working deadbolts.
  • Sliding glass doors should have locks and dowels or pins must be installed to keep the doors from being shoved aside or lifted off the tracks.
  • During move-in and move-out keep your apartment and car locked. Move-in, move-out, and holiday breaks are high crime times.
  • If you get an alarm system, register it with the New Rochelle Police department.
  • Have only your house number on your mailbox, not your name.
  • Make sure the house number is visible from the street so police and fire departments can see it in case of emergencies.
  • Make sure there is a carbon monoxide detector near sleeping areas.

For additional questions or concerns, please visit the Office of Campus Safety and Security or contact the New Rochelle Police Department at (914) 654-2300 or 911.