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Parents 101

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s):

Your son or daughter is likely thinking about moving off-campus or has already moved off-campus, and I am sure you have many questions. Off-Campus and Commuter Services' job is to provide education and resources for students during the off-campus housing search process and once they move off-campus, but I want to keep parents well-informed about off-campus housing as well.

Below are a few key points about off-campus housing all parents should be familiar with. Please review the Gael Guide to Off-Campus Housing for additional information.

  • If your student wants to live on campus, contact the Office of Residential Life at (914) 633-2336! We HIGHLY encourage freshmen and sophomores to live ON-CAMPUS. Developmentally, this population has more trouble successfully transitioning off-campus.
  • Off-Campus and Commuter Services does not provide real estate or legal services. Off-Campus and Commuter Services does not guarantee off-campus housing. Off-Campus and Commuter Services teaches students how to look for, find, and move-in to off-campus housing as well as how to manage living off-campus.
  • New Rochelle Housing Code states that no more than three unrelated people can live in a legal one-family off-campus dwelling. No matter how many bedrooms a house or apartment has, each one-family dwelling can have no more than three students. No more than two students can stay in any one bedroom, and bedrooms should be at least 130 square feet for two people.
    ***This code exists for safety and quality of life purposes. The Quality of Life Task Force, made up of the Bureau of Buildings, the Fire Department, and the Police Department, crack down on unsafe, overcrowded living conditions. Students living illegally have been discovered and evicted.
  • To help make sure your son or daughter's potential dwelling is safe and legal, please review the checklist in the Gael Guide to Off-Campus Housing.
  • Never let your son or daughter sign a lease with missing or inaccurate information.
  • When looking for a dwelling, your son or daughter has a few options:
  1. A room in a house...Some citizens rent a room in their owner-occupied home. Often these are close to campus, include all utilities, and are sometimes furnished. Students should ask if rent includes parking, a separate or shared bath, access to the kitchen, and/or rules about guests, etc.
  2. A room in exchange for services...Some citizens in the area offer students a room in their home in exchange for a service (house cleaning, babysitting, tutoring, etc.). Work out the details of this agreement in detail before moving in. Ask if these services are expected over Iona breaks.
  3. An apartment in a home...Students may choose to live in an apartment where the landlord is on-site. This opportunity often allows for greater communication with the landlord. Students tend to be monitored more closely. Apartment/house maintenance issues tend to be solved more quickly.
  4. An apartment in a complex...Students can live in an apartment complex. A superintendent will be on-site, but response to problems varies from building to building. Students in apartment complexes will need to be especially aware of the noise emanating from their apartment as neighbors will likely be above, below, and next to them on all sides.
  5. A house...Students choosing to rent a whole house take on additional responsibilities and freedoms. Not having an on-site landlord or superintendent often requires students to take out their own garbage, maintain their yard, etc. Their behavior will also be less regulated, which can create more problems with neighbors and neighborhood associations.
  • Prices for off-campus dwellings vary. On average off-campus students spend about $600/month plus utilities. However, this depends on a number of factors including: the number of students in the dwelling, proximity to campus, if utilities are included, if parking is included, etc.
  • Street parking in the greater New Rochelle community is limited. Students who need to bring a car should keep this in mind and look for a dwelling. Iona College does not charge students to park on campus, but they must get a parking pass from Campus Safety.
  • Off Campus Housing (OCH) maintains a listing of students seeking roommates, hosts a roommate mixer, and maintains an off-campus housing list. Iona College does not inspect, promote, or endorse any of these dwellings. It is the student's responsibility to make sure dwellings are safe, legal, and meet New Rochelle Housing Code. Students can access the Off-Campus Housing list on the OCH website using their Iona log-in and password. The list is updated often as submissions come in continuously through the spring and summer. If your son or daughter does not find something he/she wants right away, do not panic. Encourage him or her to check the listing often.
  • A list of self-proclaimed student-friendly real estate agents can be found on the OCH website. Real estate agents charge a fee for their services.
  • OCH hosts a number of educational information sessions for students about moving off-campus. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Housing for a schedule.
  • Off-Campus students represent Iona in the greater New Rochelle community. Students are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and Iona's Good Neighbor Policy. Failure to do so will result in students being adjudicated for their behavior. Our neighbors are encouraged to contact the police whenever they witness something dangerous, disturbing, or illegal. The police department will communicate these incidents to the College, who will then adjudicate the student(s) involved. Students may face legal and judicial consequences for off-campus behavior.
  • Iona has worked hard to build relationships with our neighbors, and we encourage students to meet their new neighbors, exchange numbers, etc. Please talk to your son or daughter about your expectations of community living!

If your son /daughter has questions about off-campus housing, he or she can email or call (914) 633-2243 to make an appointment. I am happy to assist with this transition!

Michele L. Nelson, Ph.D.
Director, Off-Campus and Commuter Services