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Apartments at Eastchester

The Apartments at Eastchester are located in an apartment complex on the corner of North Avenue and Eastchester Road, one block from the College's entrance. The apartments are situated in close proximity to many of the eateries affiliated with the College's meal plan.

These apartments are comprised of two buildings and have apartments for groups of two, three, four, and five students. Wireless Internet and cable access is available.

Apartments at Eastchester Opportunity

Living in the Apartments at Eastchester is an option for students who are ready for more independent living as preparation for their transition into adulthood while saving money!

Many students have expressed their desire for apartment-style living at a lower cost so they can prepare their own meals and get the New York apartment living experience with the added benefits of 24/7 access to Campus Safety, the support of Iona’s caring Residential Life staff and access to all campus resources. The Apartments at Eastchester new value package offers returning students the opportunity to choose a housing option with the same wonderful apartment amenities, including a full kitchen and all utilities, at a new discounted room and meal plan rate.

The total 2019-2020 room and board cost for the Apartments at Eastchester is $13,184, a savings of over $2,000! Included in this value is $1150 of meal plan points. In this reduced meal plan, $400 can be used at participating off-campus vendors, and $750 is designated for on-campus dining to encourage students to engage actively in the on-campus community. Students can opt in for the full meal plan experience of $1977 online.

For questions about this great new value, email

*This opportunity is contingent upon availability as part of the housing selection process. Students select housing based on a randomly generated room selection number assigned by cohort status and LockItin participation.

Amenities include:

  • Kitchen with stove and refrigerator
  • Living room with furniture (depending on the style of the living space)
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry facilities (in the apartment complex)

A residence hall director and student resident assistants, all employed by the Office of Residential Life, live in the apartments to maintain the community, as well as to provide tools to help residents acclimate themselves to a more independent style of living.

Contact Information for Apartments at Eastchester

To send mail to residents, please address mail as follows:

Iona College
766 North Avenue
Apartment #
715 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801-1890