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Albanian-American Club

Albanian American Society

Albanian American Society

The Albanian-American Student Organization of Iona College is a club that allows members of the Iona College community to come together and celebrate the Albanian heritage and culture. As members of this club, we wish to promote our traditions throughout the school community. Our aim is to keep our culture alive and preserve it in first generation Albanians in America and in the future generations. This club would give students the opportunity to make connections with people who have the same ethnic background as they do. This club was established in 2016. As a club, we joined the chapters of Albanian-American Student Organization in Michigan to link more organizations to work together.


Members meet every other Tuesday at noon.


In the past AASO has held events to celebrate Mother Teresa’s sainthood, Albanian Independence Day Dinner Dance, Gatsby Extravaganza, Balkan Mixer and Iona Cup. We hope to continue some of these events and host new ones! As a club, we also continuously work with a non-profit organization, Classmates Forever.
club members at an event


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Executive Board

President: Drita Nikac
Drita Nikac is the president and founder of Albanian American Student Organization at Iona College. Drita is a senior who is majoring in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, with a minor in Psychology. She started this club when she noticed the large presence of Albanians on the Iona campus during her freshmen and sophomore year. With the help of her friends, the club started up on campus. Drita hopes to make the club bigger and more involved at Iona. It is important to her because she loves to be involved with the Albanian community. During the last academic year, she worked with Michigan organization of AASO Global to have Iona’s Albanian Club become a part of a bigger organization. With this collaboration, she hopes to encourage more schools to join AASO.
Fun Fact about Drita: She loves to bake.
Vice President: Romana Vukaj
Romana Vukaj is a junior studying Accounting. She joined the Albanian club when she noticed a flyer pinned on the wall in LaPenta. As a freshmen reading this flyer, she was astonished at the diversity and recognition of other cultures at Iona. She made her way to that first meeting and has never looked back since. Joining the Albanian-American Student Organization at Iona has allowed her to not only immerse herself in her culture but also to develop a bond with people she may have never gotten to know. Along with Drita and her fellow club members, Romana strives to keep the Albanian culture alive.

Treasurer: John Gojani
John Gojani is a sophomore Computer Science major. He joined the club when he came to Accepted Students Day as an incoming freshman. He was interested in what the club had to offer. John was eager to get involved, therefore, when the treasurer position opened up, he jumped at the opportunity to join the e-board. He hopes to help make the club more successful with his knowledge and assistance.
Fun Fact about John: He enjoys playing soccer.

Secretary: Besa Brija
Besa Brija is a sophomore at Iona College, and her major is Biology. She is the secretary e-board member of the club. As secretary of the club, one must help the fellow e-board members with both planning and attending meetings, along with anything necessary to keep the club successful. Besa feels that the club is important because it provides Albanians with many opportunities for cultural involvement, and with the chance to develop long-lasting friendships.
Fun Fact about Besa: She loves painting and sketching.

Public Relations: TBD

Outreach Chair: TBD
Albanian-American Society