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Website Submission Form/Checklist

Please use this as a guide to create or update your current website that is listed under the Club/Organization section of the website.

All website updates must be submitted as a Word document. Please set up the Word document to reflect how you would like your webpage to look. Please be aware that there is a template that all organizations must follow (you can visit your current page to see how those pages look). If you are including pictures, please place the picture in the Word document where you would want it. Make sure the picture has high resolution. We need the original document for the picture to appear as a clear image on the website.

Here are the pieces of information that are suggested to include on your website:
  1. Mission and Purpose of your organization
  2. Meeting Times (include information about if these are open meetings or closed to membership only)
  3. Members of your organization
    1. Executive Board
    2. Current general members
    3. Alumni
  4. Events: participated in, hosted, annual or future ideas
  5. Awards or Recognitions that you have received in the past
  6. Pictures if possible of members or events. Please make sure these pictures are appropriate and represent your organization in a positive manner.
  7. Contact Information (this can be anyone who is responsible for correspondence or most often groups refer interested parties to the President/Chair)
  8. Are you a National organization? You may place information and a link to that website here.
  9. Any other information you would like to put there.
You may contact Marinel Martinez via email or phone at (914) 633-2360 with any questions.