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Point System

For every mandatory event that Fraternal organizations attend, the organization will obtain 3 points if 1/2 of the chapter is in attendance/unless otherwise noted. (I.E. if organizations attend the Block Party, AODE Presentation, and community service/philanthropy events, they will receive 3 points for each program.) Each organization must hold at least one event/program dealing with each category in the standards column per semester. For every event/program held, the organization will receive 2 points. For each event/program where your chapter intentionally connects to at least 1 of the 7 pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life you will receive 1 point. For each CGG meeting that the required individuals are in attendance, your organization will receive 1 point. All excuses must be provided to the Sgt. at Arms and Fraternity and Sorority Adviser 24 hours in advance. Total of 12 possible points for fall, if at least half the organization attends.

STANDARDS (this section is MANDATORY for ALL organizations)

If by the end of the semester the organization does not complete the events required through standards below the organization will automatically be placed in bad standing and not allowed to participate in the next semester recruitment process.

  1. Academic Excellence
    Each chapter should have a scholarship program to provide incentives, coordinate study hours and to encourage members to achieve their highest academic goals.
  2. Social Development
    Organizations must co-sponsor one event per semester with another club, organization, or the Office of Student Development.
  3. New Member Education Training
    A fraternity or sorority must submit copies of their new member education syllabus to their moderator and to the Office of Student Development at least 4 weeks prior to the start of New Member Education. The New Member Education process may not commence until the syllabus has been approved by the Office of Student Development. This educational program should clearly outline all of the activities, which are planned for the new members. All members of the organization who are currently active and have attended required trainings and development sessions should take part in this educational process; alumni are not permitted to participate in this process.
  4. Community Engagement
    Each organization is responsible for hosting at least one Community Service event per semester, one philanthropic fundraising event per year, and one Awareness/Educational Program per year.
  5. Chapter Management
    Each Chapter must maintain a current roster with the Office of Student Development. Any changes to the roster must be reported to the office immediately.
  6. Excellence in Leadership
    Executive Boards must meet attendance requirements for all leadership development conferences/seminars hosted by the Office of Student Development.
    All members of the Executive Board must complete a transition binder at the end of their term and submit it to the Office of Student Development.

Total of 12 possible points for fall, if at least half the organization attends.


Programs related to the Seven Pillars

  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Community Engagement
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood
  • Academic Excellence
  • Chapter Management
  • Membership development
  • Social Development

Organization can obtain 1 point for each event related to one of the Seven Pillars


13 meetings
For each meeting that all necessary parties are in attendance, the organization receives a point.
Total of 13 possible points for the fall meetings.

*Total number of points for the fall semester (42) plus any individual or extra standards programs


  • 36+ points - Good Standing

All organizations that are in good standing will receive incentives (to be deemed later by the CGG president and Treasurer) for the work they have done in the previous semester.

  • 35-29 points - Average Standing

All organizations that are in average standing will have a consultation meeting with the adviser and CGG President. The purpose of this meeting is to develop a plan to get the members better involved in the Greek community.

  • 28 and below - Bad Standing

All organizations that are in bad standing will have to choose one of the following:

  1. The organization must sign up for an event in the next semester, and will be responsible for set-up and clean up. (required to stay for the entire event)
  2. The organization must work with CGG to plan the next CGG event. Members will work with the VP and PR chair of CGG to assist the promotion and marketing of such an event .
  3. The organizations will choose and event outside of Greek life from a list created by CGG. Members will be responsible for assisting with the promotion and marketing of the event.

*Being in bad standing can affect your current standing within the Fraternity and Sorority Community

Other Notes:

  • Representatives will be given a progress report each month at the CGG meeting of their organizations "standing"
  • Valid excuses for not attending an event must be emailed to the Greek Advisor and the Council for Greek Governances Sgt. at Arms with a 24 hour prior notice.
  • Each semester the CGG PR chair will provide a calendar of events, thus it is important to acknowledge your schedule and plan accordingly. With sufficient notice homework and other obligations will be reviewed for excusable absence.
  • You may only miss one event due to work related reasons, as organizations are given sufficient notice of events in advance.

Individuals absent from events deemed mandatory by the Council for Greek Governance or the Greek Advisor will be held accountable as follows:

Individuals who miss two mandatory events without a valid excuse will be required to meet with the Greek Advisor to discuss remaining an active participant in the Greek Community.

Individuals who miss three or more mandatory events without a valid excuse will not be permitted to attend recruitment.

Individuals will be required to pay a fine of three dollars to the Council for Greek Governance for any missed MANDATORY event without prior notice.